Remaking the Channel: 6 Buyer Trends Changing How We Partner



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Among the many items made obsolete by the digital age are analog television, movie rentals, audio cassettes, computer floppy disks, pay phones — and the linear channel model. Technology is more sophisticated, and so are buyers. Their online experience has changed the buying journey from beginning to end.

Drawing from results of PartnerPath’s 2020 State of Partnering survey, this report looks at how both sides of the channel are responding to these changes as partners prepare to deal with new buyers, emerging technologies and shifting business models, while vendors are transforming how they partner.

About the Author

Diane Krakora is CEO of PartnerPath and has two decades of experience defining the best practices and frameworks around how to develop and manage partnerships. PartnerPath is wholly dedicated to helping companies elevate the impact of partnering at any stage of their partner and channel development cycle.

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  1. Avatar Kathryn Alexander March 5, 2020 @ 2:46 pm

    Remaking the Channel certainly is an idea whose time by as come. We cannot keep selling the same way, through the same process, and expect different results.

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