Mobility: Providing Real-Time Sales Expertise for Channel Partners

Mobility: Providing Real-Time Sales Expertise for Channel Partners

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For channel partners, the telecom buyer landscape is changing. In this report, we look at the expanding role of mobility in helping agents identify key business decision makers as well as to establish credibility as a trusted seller of managed services. We also explore the potential for mobile-enabled agents to modernize the sales process through access to a range of tools that interact with CRM, AI and mobile analytics.

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Learn how agents in the field can leverage mobility at every stage of the buying process
  • Find out why being mobile-enabled gives agents a strategic selling advantage
  • Discover the role custom-built mobility tools from master agents is playing in the sales process

About the Author

Kerry Doyle has written for a diverse group of companies based in technology, business, and higher education. His expert analysis of new trends and technologies stems from senior editorial positions early in his career at PCWeek, PCComputing, ZDNet and He covers a diverse range of topics, from nanotech to the cloud and open source to big data, for a number of publications, including Wall Street Journal Custom Studios, FORTUNE/Time, Forbes and IDG.


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