Mind the Gaps: Web Presence Opportunities for Trusted Advisers

Mind the Gaps: Web Presence Opportunities for Trusted Advisers

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The 2008 economic meltdown created a massive migration to the Web for almost every aspect of daily life, and most businesses have responded to this shift with major expansions of their online presence. While the bulk of the time and money invested in websites has been for marketing and content creation, there’s a real opportunity for channel partners as well. This Report identifies four gaps that almost every organization has in its Web presence, which, if left unchecked, will undermine its potential, or worse. These are great opportunities in performance testing, analytics analysis, and site optimization and management. Will you grab them or leave them for someone else?

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Site performance assessments can open the door to selling needed solutions and services.
  • “Web sweeps” are a logical extension of the security offerings most channel partners already have.
  • A properly configured Web analytics plan is a key element of any organization’s big data strategy.

About the Author

Michael Healey is the president of Yeoman Technology Group, an engineering and research firm that focuses on maximizing technology investments for organizations, and an award-winning contributor to several tech publications. He has more than 23 years of experience in technology and software integration, yet he still regularly crunches numbers and can occasionally be seen with multiple million-row spreadsheets open in one session. Prior to founding Yeoman, Healey served as the CTO of national network integrator GreenPages. He joined GreenPages as part of the acquisition of TENCorp, which he founded and where he served as president for 14 years. Prior to founding TENCorp, he was an international project manager for Nixdorf Computer and a Notes consultant for Sandpoint Corp. Healey focuses on the business challenges related to technology adoption. His work includes analysis of emerging trends, including big data, cloud adoption and consumerization. He has a bachelor’s degree in operations management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MBA from Babson College.

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