IoT and the Exploding, Mobile Edge

IoT and the Exploding, Mobile Edge

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Think about a customer’s IoT network as a distributed supercomputer, comprising hundreds or thousands of nodes, all continuously collecting invaluable data, often while on the move. Whether those nodes are self-driving cars, law-enforcement drones or real-time control on a commuter train, one thing is for certain: IoT will change the requirements for always-on connectivity dramatically. Big telcos have beefed up their networks to meet the challenge, but it’s up to partners to help customers connect millions of dots. Are you ready?

  • Data does no good unless customer business leaders can mine it for insights. Support analysis and you’re sticky.
  • The ecosystem of IoT hardware, software and platform providers is evolving fast. Keep an open mind — and portfolio.
  • Think storage and server hardware sales are dead? Not so. IoT could revitalize on-site computing.

About the Author

Don MacVittie is founder of Ingrained Technology, a technical advocacy, technical writing and software development consultancy. He has experience in application development, architecture, infrastructure, technical writing, DevOps and IT management. MacVittie holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Northern Michigan University and a master’s degree in computer science from Nova Southeastern University.


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