Gen 2 SD-WAN Solutions Create New Opportunities for Solution Providers



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The software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) market is expanding at 69% annually and is expected to top $8 billion in 2021. SD-WAN opportunities are multiplying thanks to a new generation of products expected to take SD-WAN solutions to new levels of flexibility, automation and ease of management. Gen 2 SD-WAN will make it easier to leverage multiple clouds, improve security and visibility, and implement self-driving networks, among other benefits.

This report looks at the world of new opportunities that Gen 2 opens up for channel partners with expertise in Gen 1 SD-WAN as well as partners with networking backgrounds who are willing to invest in Gen 2. Providers that move quickly to implement Gen 2 SD-WAN go-to-market strategies can get in on the ground floor of the market’s rapid expansion and step ahead of the pack.

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Pedro Pereira is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer and industry analyst. He has covered the IT industry since the days of client/server, just as the World Wide Web was being introduced. He currently focuses on cloud, security, IoT and advanced technologies.

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