DR in the Ransomware Age: Isolated Recovery, DRaaS and Embracing IT Resiliency

DR in the Ransomware Age: Isolated Recovery, DRaaS and Embracing IT Resiliency

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise and are incorporating more complex and sophisticated techniques. Security experts agree: It’s not if an attack will come, but when. Channel partners can help their customers arm themselves against the devastating effects of ransomware with the right tools, infrastructure, approach and strategy. And a key element in their arsenal is one not-so-secret weapon: disaster recovery.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Encrypted backups are worthless against ransomware; replace them with isolated recovery solutions.
  • DRaaS solutions have revolutionized the RTO and RPO available to even small customers.
  • A critical element in protection is creating a resilient environment that can recover from any havoc ransomware wreaks.

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Kasia Lorenc has been working in technology and marketing for nearly a decade, most recently serving as the managing editor for Tom’s IT Pro and Tom’s Hardware, focusing on content strategy and development in business computing and computer hardware. In her previous roles, Lorenc pursued her passion for writing, technology and marketing, creating content for a variety of channels for the IT professional and developer audience. With strong ties to enterprise IT, she continues to write about cloud, security and mobility topics.

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