Cloud Storage: 7 Services Creating Opportunities for Channel

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If data is “the new oil,” then cloud storage is the new tank farm and partners are the data refinery, helping their customers turn data stored in the cloud into valuable, curated, secured business information.

Takeaways for Your Business

In this update on the state of cloud storage, you’ll learn:

  • How partners can make money by wrapping services around cloud storage
  • Five cloud storage categories, their features and their usage
  • The seven cloud storage categories with the broadest customer needs

About the Author

Kurt Marko is an IT industry analyst, consultant and regular contributor to a number of technology publications, pursuing his passion for communications after a varied career that has spanned virtually the entire high-tech food chain from chips to systems. Upon graduating from Stanford University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering, Marko spent several years as a semiconductor device physicist, doing process design, modeling and testing. He then joined AT&T Bell Laboratories as a memory chip designer and CAD and simulation developer. Moving to Hewlett-Packard, he started in the laser printer R&D lab doing electrophotography development, for which he earned a patent, but his love of computers eventually led him to join HP’s nascent technical IT group. Marko spent 15 years as an IT engineer and was a lead architect for several enterprise-wide infrastructure projects at HP, including the Windows domain infrastructure, remote access service, Exchange email infrastructure and managed web services.

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