Channel Partners Spring 2017: The Channel’s Global Horizons

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Just as orange is the new black, flux is the new status quo. Rather than being intimidated by the turmoil in world financial markets, channel partners are thriving on it and expanding their global horizons. Read more about that in our cover story, which highlights the results of the new Global Channel Survey done by Channel Partners and 451 Research. In-depth results will be presented at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, April 10-13. You can get a preview of what else is on the agenda in the Spring 2017 issue, plus some expert insights on changes in the use of digital ledger technology and how security partnerships are responding to evolving threats.

Table of Contents

  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin
  • Security Partnerships Take Center Stage
  • Going Global: The Channel’s Expanding Horizons
  • Disruptive Innovation: What it Really Means for the Channel

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