Cablecos & The Channel: State of the Market 2016

Cablecos & The Channel: State of the Market 2016

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The results are in. Channel Partners’ sixth annual survey of channel partners’ interest in — and challenges with — selling cableco telecommunications services to businesses revealed some interesting shifts. Top-level findings: Cable TV companies continue to rack up market share in the commercial accounts business. They’re also increasingly strategic product suppliers for channel partners. This Report provides full year-over-year comparisons of partners’ perceptions and experiences with cable business telecom services.

Takeaways for Your Business

In this Report you will learn:

  • The single product called “most important” or “important” to revenue growth, cited by 87 percent of respondents who sell it
  • In 2013, about 68 percent of respondents who sold cable products said these services represented less than 10 percent of total sales. Where are we now?
  • Why consumer segment revenues may grow while commercial revenues remain flat, or even contract

About the Author

Over the past 20 years Bob Titsch has been a technology journalist, publisher, marketer and PR executive. He served as editorial director at FAT PIPE, IP Business and ChannelVision magazines. Prior to that he was the vice president of marketing for Network One, a competitive telco. He also spent several years as the editorial director of PHONE+ and X-Change magazines, and helped launch the Channel Partners show in the 1990s.

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