7 Channel-Changing Mobility Trends for 2018

7 Channel-Changing Mobility Trends for 2018

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We’re seeing a new wave of innovation in mobile technology and market focus. Going forward, enterprises and their trusted advisers need to stay abreast of how mobile operators are supporting IoT, 5G, VoLTE and other emerging techs — some of these initiatives will have major implications for enterprise networks.

Takeaways for Your Business

In this Report you’ll learn:

  • Why IoT success demands not just tech, but business plans that focus on how these technologies can be monetized
  • How use of unlicensed spectrum could wreak havoc on Wi-Fi networks
  • Which old-school communications medium is poised to come back in a big way

About the Author

Michael Finneran is a principal at dBrn Associates, a full-service advisory firm specializing in wireless and mobility. Services include research, policy development, purchase analysis and security/technology assessment. Finneran has worked in the networking field for more than 30 years and has operated the practice since 1982. He has published numerous research reports and white papers, and has provided technical and market analysis on the full range of wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, cellular, WiMAX, fixed-mobile convergence and mobile unified communications (mUC).

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