6 SD-WAN Add-Ons That Can Boost Profits

6 SD-WAN Add-Ons That Can Boost Profits

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Customers are highly mobile and increasingly cloud-centric, and that’s driving huge growth in software-defined WAN sales. Once you’ve selected your SD-WAN suppliers, the question becomes: How do I stay sticky and add services revenue while helping clients achieve greater flexibility and performance at a lower cost?

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover why partners must be able to evaluate suppliers as well as deploy and manage technology.
  • Learn what “SD-security” is and what partners can do to make sure their customers are protected.
  • Review the variety of managed service models for SD-WAN that partners can make available to their customers.

About the Author

Jeffrey Burt has been a journalist for three decades, with more than half that time spent covering enterprise technology for eWeek. During his years as a senior editor, Burt wrote about all things data center, including processors, GPUs, servers and networking gear, as well as PCs, collaboration tools, virtualization, the cloud, SDN and, more recently, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and autonomous vehicles. He continues to write about technology for a variety of publications.

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