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We encourage companies looking for channel exposure to consider exhibiting at our events. Our 2019 Channel Partners Conference & Expo will be our largest ever, with more than 6,000 participants at Mandalay Bay April 9 – 12. Channel Partners Evolution 2019 will be in Washington, DC, Sept. 9 – 12. For more info, contact your AE or Kevin Morris,


Our news policy in a nutshell: We accept NDAs/embargoes and prefer to receive press releases early. We don’t consider briefing requests without first seeing PR. Of course, news must be relevant to the ICT channel. Here are guidelines on effective PR. Please send your pitches to the appropriate beat owner; you may cc the EIC or EE, but don’t assume we will forward pitches. Our beats list is here.

Thought Leadership with Channel Partners Insights:

Channel Partners has a data-driven method of selecting speakers for our education and stage sessions and some keynotes. We invite our community to submit Channel Partners Insights columns on the topic or topics they’d like to present on at our events. By watching site engagement metrics, we can measure interest so that sessions are aligned with our attendees’ interests.

For all Channel Partners Insights columns received July 1 through Dec. 31, authors will automatically be considered for speaking roles at our spring Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Q1/2 submissions are considered for our Fall show. In a case where the author cannot attend, he or she may nominate someone else from the organization, but transfers are at editorial discretion. NOTE: We prioritize peer speakers from partner firms (agents, MSPs, VARs) as well as master agents and distributors and independent industry experts. Suppliers may consider working with one or more partners to submit content.

There is no pay to play for Channel Partners Insights columns, but we are selective. Here are our guidelines:

We run columns continually, so we are flexible on submission dates. We run 2 – 3 columns per week, so each gets some time to shine; if there is a queue, that may mean a wait. If a Channel Partners Insights column is tied to a news event, it may jump to the front of the line, but generally we run columns in the order received. All columns are subject to editing and may run on either Channel Partners or Channel Futures.

Send Channel Partners Insights columns to the editor in chief, Lorna Garey, in email, a text file or a Word document. If you want to include an image that you have rights to, send it as a png, jpg, or gif, ideally sized to less than 600 pixels wide.

Length is 750 to 1,000 … 1,200 at the very outside. For vendors, it’s really important to go for thought leadership and education, not promotion. We won’t run anything that reads at all like marketing.

All Channel Partners Insights copy must be original and exclusive for us. It may not appear elsewhere.

Include with the submission the author’s head shot, Twitter handle and bio as it should appear for the byline.

Remember: Our audience is the indirect IT and telecom channel — MSPs, agents, VARs, consultants. Address that group. Be practical and actionable. What will channel leaders take away that will help them? What are the lessons to be learned? Provide details, don’t just theorize or offer generalities. There’s nothing more frustrating than to convince your reader that X is a big problem and then offer no solution.

Here is more info on what we look for.

The ID is: 111488