WTG Tee & Sea: Verizon, CenturyLink, AT&T, Steve Garvey and More

WTG and the Phoenix Suns

WTG brought agents and suppliers to Scottsdale, Arizona, last week.

The 17th Annual Tee & Sea event featured a little bit of everything: education, vendor presentations, golfing, celebrity appearances and, of course, networking receptions.

The Malibu, California-based master agent, which was in the news last week for partnering with BCN, played off the theme of spring training, bringing in two MLB pitchers and Los Angeles Dodgers legend Steve Garvey. A Friday panel on digital transformation featured three of the biggest names in the channel — Verizon, CenturyLink and AT&T.

Below are photos from Channel Partners news editor James Anderson and WTG’s Salwa Scarpone.

Read our recap of the star-studded Friday morning panel and scroll through the gallery to see people you know. You also can check out the gallery for the previous Tee & Sea event.

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Opening Reception

WTG hosted an opening reception for attendees Wednesday evening. The master agent held the conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa. Agents and suppliers enjoyed drinks and prime rib.
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Steve Garvey

Kevin Morris (left), Channel Partners business development lead, poses with MLB legend Steve Garvey (center) and WTG CEO Vince Bradley at the networking reception. Garvey came to the reception and gave a keynote presentation two days later.
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Carlsbad, California-based ViaSat presented to an audience of agents Thursday. ViaSat recently announced that its latest satellite has reached geostationary orbit in order to provide high speed internet.

Multiple vendors presented their offerings and insights Thursday.
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Everyone took a break in between presentations to eat. The presentations started ran most of the day.
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Happy Hour

The master agent hosted a happy hour after a long day of supplier presentations. Agents found refreshments and food outside before walking through a miniature trade expo.

Premier and platinum sponsors of the event lined the hallway to showcase their services and to network with partners.
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Say Cheese!

Julie Dzubay (center), WTG vice president of sales operations, poses with Traci Cox (right) and Tammy Morris of No More Sales People Consulting. NMSP Consulting is a Phoenix-based partner that has won multiple Channel Partners 360 awards.

Cox serves as vice president of IT consulting for the company.
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WTG CEO Vince Bradley (center) posed with MLB pitchers Zack Godley (left) and Michael Lorenzen (right). Both promising young players were on hand to sign autographs.

The event tapped into the theme of "Spring Training," which is a popular Arizona destination in March.
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BLM Technologies, a Minnesota-based provider of IT consulting and staffing, took part in the trade show. The company was founded in 1974 and has expanded from the financial-services vertical to various industries.
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Lessons in Baseball ... and Life

The longtime Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman gave a keynote speech to open Friday morning. Garvey used anecdotes from his career to impress upon his audience the idea of assembling a team to work toward a goal.

The crowd loved the sports angle and got to sneak in a few baseball questions at the end. The Hall of Fame, Pete Rose and baseball's steroid problem were just a few of the topics you missed if you didn't attend.

Read some of Garvey's quotes at the bottom of page 2 of our Friday recap.
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Cory Dzbinski

WTG's training development manager served as moderator for the morning panel, but he delivered a half-hour keynote to set the stage. The data-oriented talk shared numerous studies that tell a common tale: that digital transformation is a daunting task for businesses that could make or break them. Anyone remember Blockbuster?

Read more about the panel.
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Digital Transformation Panel

The digital-transformation session concluded with a panel full of heavy-hitters: (from left to right) Bill Hooper, managing director of the partner channel at XO Communications, a Verizon company; John DeLozier, CenturyLink‘s vice president of strategic partners and alliances; Kevin Leonard, AT&T’s vice president of alternate channels; and WTG CEO Vince Bradley.

The panelists largely agreed that business customers suffer from a lack of skills, staffing and planning necessary for a digital transition. But increased education and the intervention of partners could help solve those problems.

Read the panel recap.
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Attendees head out to conquer the course at the Camelback Golf Club. Everyone got the choice to golf or go to the spa on Friday.
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Phoenix Suns

The NBA team's entertainment squad performed Friday night at WTG's awards dinner. The Suns dancers, hip-hop team and "golden grannies" teamed up with The Phoenix Gorilla, the team's mascot.

The Suns went without a mascot during their early years, but that changed in 1980 when a telegram service messenger showed up at Veterans Memorial Coliseum dressed up as an ape and accepted an invitation to perform on the court.

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