Image Gallery: Tech Data Partner Summit Featuring HPE, Microsoft

Lunch at Solutions Expo Tech Data Partner Summit

Tech Data partners stand challenged to make bold decisions and take advantage of the unprecedented strength of the market.

The theme of Tech Data’s Partner Summit 2018, held last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, was “Transformation Awaits.” Rich Hume, Tech Data‘s CEO, told attendees his company is focused on hybrid cloud, with “compelling” relationships with Amazon, Microsoft and IBM Cloud, as well as analytics and IoT.

The company’s strategy is investing in next-generation technologies, strengthening its end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions and services, transforming digitally and optimizing its global footprint.

“Everything has to drive a better result for our customers,” he said.

During the conference, Tech Data unveiled a hybrid-cloud strategy for partners to use in discussions with customers about cloud sales. The key is capturing end-to-end value across the digital organization, which means enabling transformation on devices, at the network edge, and in public and private clouds, said Stacy Nethercoat, Tech Data’s vice president of cloud solutions for the Americas.

Scroll through our gallery for highlights of the conference.

Shaun Shuler speaking at Tech Data Partner Summit 2018
3rd Platform Technologies

Shaun Shuler, Tech Data's senior vice president of sales for enterprise solutions for the United States, said partners finally are accepting and ready to adopt third-platform technologies after seeing declines in revenue and profit. Originally focused on big data and analytics, cloud, mobility and social, the third platform has evolved to include IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented-reality devices.
Rich Hume speaking at Tech Data Partner Summit 2018
Robust Market

Rich Hume, Tech Data‘s CEO, told attendees that last year's partner summit was focused on the acquisition and integration of Avnet's technology solutions business unit, but that's now "ancient history," and the focus of this conference was on moving forward.

"This is one of the most robust markets that I have seen in my time in IT," he said. "We are asking ourselves, 'What are we going to do in this time of prosperity?' To make sure we can sustain our business."
IDC's Meredith Whalen at Tech Data Partner Summit 2018
Digital Transformation Divide

Meredith Whalen, IDC's senior vice president of IT executive, software, services and industry research, told attendees a digital-transformation divide is developing, with 46 percent of organizations digitally determined and 54 percent digitally distraught, "having a lot of trouble getting over this hurdle."

The tech industry can really help organizations with the various issues they're facing on their transformation journeys, she said.
HPE Booth at Tech Data Partner Summit 2018
Solutions Expo

Attendees were able to grab lunch at the Solutions Expo and engage with a variety of Tech Data's vendor partners. Here, HPE's area gets some foot traffic.
Solutions Expo Tech Data Partner Summit

Attendees gather for conversation in front of where Lenovo set up shop.
Microsoft Booth Tech Data Partner Summit

Microsoft is one of Tech Data's largest vendor partners. Erwin Visser, general manager, enterprise and public-sector marketing with the software giant, got some time on the keynote stage to espouse the virtues of Microsoft Azure.
Stacy Nethercoat Tech Data Partner Summit 2018
Hybrid Cloud

Speaking of cloud, Stacy Nethercoat, Tech Data's vice president, cloud solutions, Americas, gave partners something to think about when she unveiled the distributor's new hybrid cloud strategy at the show.

The strategy focuses on capturing end-to-end value across the digital organization, encouraging partners to home in on security, vertical expertise and professional services.

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