New, Updated Partner Programs: AT&T, T-Mobile, Cisco, Extreme Networks

Technology companies are unifying, simplifying and bolstering their indirect channel programs.

A wide variety of companies have been making changes to their partner strategies. For example, Cisco announced plans to bring several disparate programs together and tier its partners differently. A popular carrier rearranged its sales compensation to eliminate channel conflict, while another carrier fine-tuned is approach to the agent channel.

We also saw action on the cybersecurity front, as WatchGuard Technologies enhanced its program to adjust for a recent purchase. And young SASE provider Todyl cut the ribbon on its new channel program.

Also, a master agent introduced an opportunity for agents to spill the beans about their experiences with suppliers.

Scroll through the images below to see the latest developments in the indirect technology sales channel.

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The carrier has drastically shifted its approach to master agent and subagent partners over the last year.

AT&T tapped distinct personnel to help masters and agents tackle the market. Also, the company has simplified the experience for partners that belong to both the AT&T Alliance Channel and ACC Business programs.

Chris Jones, who oversees the AT&T Alliance Channel and ACC Business Masters organization, spoke about the recent changes.

Read Jones' Q&A with Channel Partners.
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The "uncarrier" shifted its partner compensation strategy.

T-Mobile doubled its quotas and payouts for direct and indirect sellers. As a result, internal salespeople will seek out channel partners to complete deals, and vice versa. 

“In the past, that wouldn’t happen," a T-Mobile for Business executive told us. "Either you or I get credit for that. By having that friction, it really didn’t drive collaboration between the two groups.”

Check out the changes to T-Mobile's indirect strategy.
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The master agent created a forum where partners can discuss suppliers.

Intelisys likened "Partner Reviews" to a Yelp for the channel. Agents will be able to tell their peers about their experiences with vendors. Thus far, one-half of the Intelisys provider roster has agreed to list themselves on the forum.

Lynn Haber covered the story.
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The video device company is dipping its toes into the channel with its new partner program.

Neat, which makes hardware to support Zoom meetings, initially gathered 20 partners, which all partner with Zoom. The program contains referral and reseller tiers.

Edward Gately has the scoop.
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A10 Networks is pouring investment into its sales, marketing and channel.

The company recently replaced its CEO and unveiled a more aggressive growth strategy. On the partner side, that means incentivizing partners to complete deal registration and giving partners more choices in distributors. A10 also launched a new partner portal.

Check out the story on Channel Futures.
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The five-year-old company announced a new partner program.

The program lets MSPs and MSSPs white-label Todyl's security-as-a-service offering. They'll do so through a value-based, value-add or cost-plus go-to-market model.

Darrin Swan, former CEO of MSP Infinit Consulting, is Todyl's channel chief.
Learn more about Todyl.
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The networking and communications equipment company simplified its channel program.

The Alabama-based provider reduced its number of partner tiers from five to two. Adtran also announced new promotions and discounts.

Read about the changes.
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Cisco introduced its partner program's new "role-based" orientation.

The program now comprises four tiers: integrator, provider, developer and advisor. Moreover, Cisco is unifying its indirect approach by bringing approximately a dozen partner programs together.

Cisco also unveiled a Partner Experience Platform (PXP), which improves the enrollment process and gives partners insights.

Lynn Haber covered the update.
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The cybersecurity technology provider formalized an indirect channel sales program for the first time.

Although the vendor has worked with partners over the years, it had differed in its approach from region to region. Now Radware has unified its approach and focused on "growth, partner profitability and efficacy."

DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF) and managed service delivery are just a few services Radware provides.

Read about Radware.
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Extreme Networks

Extreme is planning to expand its partner community.

The vendor outlined some of its goals at its partner conference. While Extreme does hope to recruit more partners, it is also looking to reinforce existing ones. Recently hired chief revenue officer Joe Vitalone said the vendor is "encouraging our partners to become MSPs."

"What that means is becoming more than a value-added integrator and making sure they’re taking applications and truly integrating those and moving customers into the cloud," Vitalone said.

Learn about the company's road map.

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BlackBerry combined two partner programs. 

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program and BlackBerry Cylance Partner Program now comprise the same program. Approximately 2,200-plus resellers and distributors belong to it, which lets them access Blackberry's full portfolio. Partners can also register their deals and earn increased discounts through the new partner protection feature. 

See what's up with the vendor.
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WatchGuard Technologies expanded its program to account for its acquisition of Panda Security.

Now partners can access the full portfolio of the combined company through WatchGuard's distributors. Also, they can harness the vendor's newly announced endpoint security specialization.

Check out the channel program updates.
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The hyperconverged infrastructure provider expanded its training and certification initiative.

Partners added a fourth tier to the company's certification tracks: an "associate" level, to precede the "professional," "expert" and "master" tiers. Nutanix also introduced new training tracks that cover topics like data center services, DevOps and multicloud infrastruture.

See how Nutanix updated its channel strategy.

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