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McAfee’s MPower 2019 Cybersecurity Summit, this week in Las Vegas, was jam-packed with announcements of new products and services providing numerous new opportunities for partners.

This year’s conference didn’t feature separate partner events, but instead partners were asked to attend with their customers. The theme of the conference was “It’s About Time.”

In addition, Ken McCray, McAfee’s head of channel sales and operations for the Americas, gave gave a preview of the upcoming MPACT partner program, which will launch in the first quarter of 2020. The new program is based on a year of feedback from partners and other partner programs that have proven successful, and will most benefit partners that lead with McAfee.

Among new innovations unveiled at MPower was MVision Insights, a data-driven, analytics-based product designed to help organizations rapidly identify, prioritize and preemptively respond to targeted attacks. McAfee also announced Unified Cloud Edge, which combines MVision Cloud, Web Gateway and data loss prevention (DLP) products and services, and is available through the MVision ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform.

Click through the gallery below for highlights and a recap of the event.

Opening keynote
It's About Time

During his opening keynote, Chris Young, McAfee's CEO, told attendees every second counts in cybersecurity because of the never-ending race to do more, secure more, save more and defend more. The global attack surface that cybersecurity providers have to manage also is growing at a never-ending rate, he said.
Chris Young and Rajiv Gupta
Limiting Risk

Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president of McAfee's cloud security business unit, joined Young on stage to talk about how cloud security isn't just about protecting data and limiting risk, but also helping businesses. Security drift, in which security tools are rendered less effective due to the actions of someone outside the security department, is definitely an issue plaguing businesses, he said.

"More people over time have privileges than they should," he said. "We have to detect that drift and take it back under control."
Ashutosh Kulkarni
Unified Cloud Edge

Ashutosh Kulkarni, executive vice president and chief product officer for McAfee's enterprise business group, said the new Unified Cloud Edge represents all of McAfee's technologies coming together to prevent the exfiltration of data, typically by cybercriminals over the internet or other network. Users can investigate security events, run reports from a single repository, and enforce a consistent user experience. 
Albright and Powell
Heavy Hitters Address Cybersecurity Issues

In a surprise move for attendees, MPower featured a panel discussion with Young, former U.S. Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell. Albright stressed the need for public-private partnerships when it comes to technology and cybersecurity. When asked about the value and significance of Twitter, she said "it depends on who's using it." Powell said when it comes to the weaponization of technology and social media, it's important for everyone to make time to "turn it off" and that there's been a "certain level of disrespect in recent years."
Sodinokibi ransomware
The Links Between GandCrab and Sodinokibi

Raj Samani, chief scientist and McAfee fellow, released new research regarding the correlations between the “retirement” of GandCrab ransomware after its crew claimed making $2 billion, and the emergence of Sodinokibi ransomware, which is impacting MSPs and other businesses, as well as cities, towns and hospitals.

“We’re seeing the hiring of affiliates switching from GandCrab to Sodinokibi,” Samani said. “And it wasn’t just any affiliates, but top affiliates. We’re seeing the hiring of the best, most profitable affiliates with developers with some access to GandCrab, all coming together for the largest attacks to date.”
Innovation Fair
Latest Cybersecurity Tools

In the Sponsor Expo, McAfee demonstrated its latest innovations, including machine-learning detection and phishing recognition capabilities.

“We are on a mission to deliver comprehensive data and threat defense across our customers’ device to cloud expanse and to give them the capabilities they need to act in a decisive and timely manner to mitigate risk,” Gupta said. “We see a future where enterprise security is simpler, smarter and simultaneously broader than anything that’s ever come before, and with McAfee MVision we are delivering on that vision.”
Expo hall

Swimlane, a McAfee integration partner, drew a big crowd in the Sponsor Expo. The company's security orchestration, automaton and response (SOAR) platform helps companies manage alerts by automating incident response processes.
Infoblox booth

Infoblox, which offers secure cloud-managed network services, is a McAfee integration partner.

"Our perspective is that no one security company can meet all the needs of any sophisticated corporate end-user account, so we’re well-served by aligning ourselves with companies that can augment or strengthen, or extend our core functionality by virtue of collaboration," said D.J. Long, McAfee's vice president of business development. "And a unifying technology is oftentimes the data exchange layer (DXL), so that’s facilitating the ability of our products to work collaboratively together in a very efficient way that increases the efficacy of our mutual products together. So it really does benefit our customers quite effectively."

BeyondTrust booth

BeyondTrust’s endpoint privilege management solution is fully integrated with ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), McAfee’s centralized platform for security management and orchestration. This integration provides customers with visibility and control over endpoint and user-related risks.
Optiv booth

Optiv is a large McAfee reseller and service provider. Among its services, Optiv helps organizations deploy McAfee technologies into their existing environments. Its service delivery specializations are endpoint data loss prevention and enterprise security manager.
McAfee history
Wall of History

An expansive wall highlighting McAfee's 30-plus year history greeted attendees as they entered MPower. The wall linked McAfee's product and company milestones with historical political and pop culture moments.
Data center model
Data Center Attacks

Doug McKee, senior security researcher at McAfee, demonstrated how data centers can be targeted via zero day vulnerabilities in building control units. Operating remotely, cybercriminals can gain control of pumps, valves, dampers and temperature sensors. McAfee built a data center model to illustrate the impact of such attacks.

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