Image Gallery: Intelisys Channel Connect Featuring ScanSource, RingCentral, Netflix

Intelisys Channel Connect

Intelisys unveiled its bullish growth outlook in beautiful Monterey, California, last month.

The Petaluma, California-based master agent hosted its annual Channel Connect conference, where agents and suppliers gathered for networking and education.

ScanSource, which acquired Intelisys three years ago, played a large role in the conference. ScanSource CEO Mike Baur told the partner audience that his company has invested about $100 million in Intelisys, even after spending about $84 million to acquire it.

And Intelisys outlined where some of that investment is going. The master is hiring programmers and building platforms to improve the partner/customer experience.

“This whole idea of digital transformation is everywhere, and we want the partner community to know that we have everything they need. And if we don’t, they just need to ask us, and our team will provide it,” Baur said

Scroll through the eight images below to what transpired in Monterey. You can also view images from last year’s Channel Connect gathering.

Women in the Channel

ScanSource CEO Mike Baur gave partners a company update during a keynote.

The South Carolina-based distributor bought Intelisys three years ago, and has been investing in the master agent with new staff and platforms. Baur encouraged agents to go all-in with Intelisys.

"We don’t want you dating these other master agents,” Baur said. “We want you committed. We’re the only guys putting our money where our mouth is.”

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Women in the Channel

Intelisys hosted the event at the Monterey Convention Center, Sept. 25-27.
Women in the Channel
Vendor Panel

AT&T, Nice InContact and Mitel were just a few of the large Intelisys suppliers whose channel chiefs graced the main stage. The executives updated the audience about their companies' recent indirect sales efforts.

Spectrotel's Ross Artale (second from right), for example, said his company has grown by $50 million since signing a supplier agreement with Intelisys.

“We’re humbled by it, we’re thankful for it, and it’s great to be part of this amazing community," he said.

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Women in the Channel
Vendor Panel (cont'd)

The vendor panels featured a carrier flavor on the first day and more of a UCaaS flavor (pictured above) the next.

RingCentral's Zane Long encouraged partners to sell SD-WAN with UCaaS.

"This is a time not just to double down but to triple down on these two products that your customers are making demands for," Long said.

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Women in the Channel
Marc Randolph

The Netflix co-founder shared the story of how he turned disappointment and failure into an opportunity for innovation. Marc Randolph, dubbed by the media as a "serial entrepreneur," shared the ups and downs of taking a risk on a new idea.

He also warned companies that innovators might target them. Incumbents beware. 

"In some ways, it's inspiring, because a handful of people with no prior experience took down a $6 billion market-leading company [Blockbuster]," Randolph said. "But what if you're the $6 billion market-leading company?"

We briefly included Randolph in our day two keynote recap.
Women in the Channel
The Team

Intelisys president Jay Bradley (far right) introduced more than a dozen Intelisys executives to the audience. The leadership team includes Carol Beering, senior vice president of sales operations; Justin Marano, vice president of partner sales for the Northeast region; and J.R. Cook, senior vice president of the West region.
Women in the Channel

Intelisys employees, agents and vendors hobnobbed together at a cocktail reception in the Sierra Lobby at the Marriott Convention Center.
Women in the Channel

A throng of people gathered Thursday night for a multi-course meal and awards galore.

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