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Evolution Golf 2018 People 1

CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — A new tradition at Channel Partners Evolution is the golf invitational on preconference day. This was the second annual.

Taking place at the picturesque Scotland Run Golf Club in Williamstown, New Jersey, Evolution participants got their swings on before three days of education and other networking events.

It kicked off with breakfast and a turn in the golf simulator room, followed by a shotgun start. Our cameras kept up with these duffers and found there to be some serious skills on this course.

Click through our gallery and you’re bound to see someone you know.

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Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 Carts
Drivers, Start Your Engines

A few dozen golfers representing vendor and partner businesses get ready to hit the links.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 3
Solid Contact

That's Carrier Access' Shane Stark getting good iron on the ball and setting his team up for a short putt.

Also pictured are Scott Eaton and Matt Karst of Synnex; and Blake Schwank of Colorado Computer Support.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 4

You'll have to trust us. This putt from about 15 feet away found the bottom of the cup.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 5
Thumbs Up

Judging by the smiles on these guys' faces, they hadn't had time to make a lot of bad shots by the time our cameras caught up with them.

This foursome consisted of Daniel Guenther, Sunray Cloud Solutions; Thomas Baker, Channel Partners/Informa; and Chris Forte and John Holda of Olmec.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 6
Good Score!

This group was able to record a good score on this hole and move on to the next tee. Here we have Tim Harrod-Davis and Keith Harvey of AT&T; Joe La Viola and Scott Foote of Netwolves.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 7
Long Putt

Here we find Matthew Ragan, Avaya; Scott Kraus, Hunter; Mo Allen, Cisus; and Mike Fogali, Ecomm.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 8
Big Drive

Dana Risley, U.S. Director of Sales at TEM provider Cimpl, gets ready to smash one off the tee.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 12

David Sonenstein, executive director at Ezwim, another telecom-expense management provider, lines up from the wrong side of the ball. Surprisingly, he hit it well!
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 9

We found this team with a good lie right in the middle of the fairway. Featured are Matthew Humphries, Allied Technology Group; Moosavi Qahim, Business Solutions Consulting; and Thomas and David Graham, TMA Consulting.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 People 10

TrainOurTroops, which provides advanced online training and certification solutions to give military veterans a competitive advantage in the civilian workforce, was a sponsor of the Evolution Golf Invitational.

Here, TrainOurTroops reps talk with golfers Chris Ichelson and Matt Atkinson of HTG 360, James Gohng of QTS and Michael Kim of Zenlayer.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 Kevin Morris
Coffee With Craig and Kevin's Kevin Morris

Channel Partners' business development director, Kevin Morris, takes a swing on the driving range before hitting the first tee. The co-host of the Channel Partners podcast, "Coffee with Craig and Kevin," wanted us to tell you it went far.
Channel Partners Evolution Golf 2018 13
On to the Next

Here we find another seemingly jovial group, featuring Don McKelvey and Chris Perry of Spectrum, Ken McCormack of Alliance Business Services and Darrin Swan of Infinit Consulting.
Clubhouse at Scotland Run Channel Partners Evolution 2018
Scotland Run

Scotland Run, just across the New Jersey border from Philadelphia, is built in and around an old sand quarry, and features a distinctive blend of wooded, quarry and links-style holes. The most unique characteristics include expansive waste areas and an imposing display of cliffs. 


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