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We took a night at the recently concluded Channel Partners Conference & Expo to recognize the 25 winners of this year’s CP 360° Business Value Awards, handed out each year to partner businesses that have shown success helping to create business value for their customers.

Applicants are required to submit a case study for review. Those chosen get to attend a networking event at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

Our image gallery below features the pictures we snapped of winners accepting their hardware in Las Vegas on April 18. All photos feature Art Wittmann, Channel Partners’ SVP of content, and Lorna Garey, editor-in-chief.

Looking for more? Learn about the companies’ case studies here.

Channel Partners 360° is just for partners – agents, VARs, dealers, systems integrators, MSPs, solutions providers and consultants – that have a well-rounded portfolio and a proven track record of providing holistic technology solutions.

Datapipe's Robb Allen
Top: Aureon

The team from Aureon enables organizations to focus on what they do best — offering a comprehensive suite of support solutions focused on technology, human resources and contact-center services.

Bottom: Bridlewood Consulting

Scott Levy (pictured) and team deliver an end-to-end fixed and mobile communications consulting service that works to strategically align clients' needs with technical, financial and operational corporate initiatives.
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Top: Bryley Systems

Bryley Systems, represented here by Michelle Denio, is a managed IT and managed cloud services provider serving the technology needs of clients in central New England and across the United States.

Bottom: Carrier Access

No stranger to these awards, Shane Stark (pictured) and team have a goal of helping organizations fully leverage their technology strategy and assets, incorporate new technology solutions and enhance support offerings.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 3
Top: Corporate Technologies Group

CTG, represented here by Jeff Sumner, started out as a traditional telecom agent and has evolved into a cloud sourcing and service partner.

Bottom: Eclipse Telecom

Dave Dyson (second from right), Kirk Armstrong (right) and the rest of the gang at Eclipse work to ensure its clients have the right communication strategy, the right technology and the right vendor partners at the right time, transforming telecommunications from a necessity to a strategic asset that drives business growth.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 4
Top: ETS Solutions

ETS, represented here by Alex Boy (second from right) and Jane Reid (right), provides comprehensive technology assessments and leverages expertise in voice, data, cloud and security to help clients make informed technology decisions that can increase revenue and productivity, and decrease expenses.  

Bottom: Infinit Consulting

Darrin Swan (second from right), Jerod Powell (right) and the Infinit team help companies optimize digital assets to align with business priorities and goals.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 5
Top: LanYap Networks

Congrats to Angie Tocco (pictured) and LanYap Networks, a provider of strategic telecom and cloud solutions for midsize and enterprise-level companies nationwide.

Bottom: MicroCorp

Kudos also go out to MicroCorp and its president, Phil Keenan (second from right). The master agent provides a combination of back-office systems, people and support offerings to simplify the purchase of and management of telecom and cloud solutions for business customers.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 6
Top: Net7Solutions

That's Chris Checksfield (second from right) and Steve Hayes (right) accepting on behalf of Net7Solutions, which offers a team of experienced professionals who are fully involved in all aspects of the client relationship, from solution development to implementation and ongoing support.

Bottom: No More Salespeople Consulting

Hats off to Nick Mulholland (pictured) and the folks at No More Salespeople Consulting, which works to empower clients to make the most informed technology procurement decision by providing experts who are continually trained on all available solutions and provide clients with an honest and objective opinion — not a sales pitch.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 7
Top: Shamrock Consulting Group

Paul Cooney (second from right) and Ben Ferguson (right) took home hardware for Shamrock Consulting Group, a full-service telecommunications and IT consulting firm, which works to help clients get the best pricing, service and support in the carrier industry.

Bottom: Spectrotel

Spectrotel, which has provided quality, affordable, personalized and integrated communication services to multilocation and enterprise customers for 20 years, is represented here by Robert Olson.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 8
Top: Symplicity Communications

Catherine Lazarock (pictured), president of Symplicity, says her company makes choosing and managing business technology simple for organizations of any size.

Bottom: Telarus

The team at master agent Telarus sources data, voice, cloud and managed services for clients through its robust portfolio of 150 leading service providers.
CP360 Post-Show 2018 9
Top: Telegration

Master agent Telegration, backed by a successful team of professionals, features a portfolio of services and providers to enable enterprise clients of all sizes to efficiently research, select, procure, deploy and manage their IT and telecom networks.

Bottom: The Award

Winners take home this shiny award as well as a logo for use on their website and an invitation to our networking event at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Not pictured in this gallery are winners Converged Communication Systems/Stratosphere Networks, eGroup, Eze Castle Integration, MotherG, PICS ITech, Plow, Richardson Communications and Think Network Technologies.

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