First-Time Exhibitors, Sponsors at Channel Partners Evolution

Crowded CP Expo Hall 2018

They are the newbies you might not know, but should, because they could offer you the chance to dive into technologies you haven’t previously explored — and potentially make you some big bucks.

You know many of the names that you’ll spot at the front of the Channel Partners Evolution expo hall by heart. These are the companies making their Evolution debuts — whether in a large booth, a small one, or in a conference meeting room.

Peruse our gallery below and learn about how their business could improve your bottom line. We’ve included booth numbers if they have one. Companies are listed in no particular order.

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Datapipe's Robb Allen
Aparavi Software Group
Booth 1020

Aparavi, the SaaS-based Active Archive, helps organizations master out-of-control unstructured data growth. Delivering both on-premises and multicloud mobility, Aparavi says it provides intelligent data management with true storage independence, and together with an open-data format, removes vendor lock-in, forever. Aparavi delivers savings by slowing secondary storage growth by 75 percent, with guaranteed availability, regardless of how long data is retained. A pay-as-you-go model based on usage eliminates up-front expenditures for a better total cost of ownership, the company said.

NetCarrier Telecom
Booth 849

NetCarrier, founded in 1996, sells both traditional and cloud-based voice and data in all 48 continental United States. NetCarrier is a well-funded, privately held company operating with positive earnings. It says it offers customers quality solutions and peace of mind in a complex telecom marketplace. NetCarrier’s mission is: With integrity, superior communication, custom solutions and savings, NetCarrier will exceed the highest expectations of the most demanding buyer of telecommunications services.
Booth 517

ServiceTree is a professional services automation SaaS solution that enables MSPs and IT departments to deliver consistent and efficient services, allowing them to grow without limitations through knowledge and process automation, the company said.

Using patented OpenNext technology and dynamic question trees, ServiceTree says it dramatically reduces errors, eliminates security holes and brings automation to ticket allocation, remote management, reporting and billing. Nothing is missed. The payoff to SDMs and business owners is the empowerment to make meaningful decisions and scale without geographical limits or security and operational concerns. ServiceTree claims to bring order, certainty and transparency to any service-delivery business — from 20 users to 20,000.

Booth 925

Dropsuite is a global cloud-software platform enabling business organizations in more than 100 countries to easily back up, recover and protect their important company information. Its network of preferred reseller partners has a combined customer reach of millions of businesses worldwide.

Dropsuite’s products include G Suite Gmail Backup, Email Archiving, Website Backup and Cloud Backup of Office 365 — which the company claims effortlessly backs up Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Dropsuite has partnered with some of the biggest names in the web hosting and IT service provider markets such as UOL, GoDaddy, Ingram Micro and Crazy Domains to safeguard businesses from the threat of unexpected data loss. Dropsuite was launched in 2012 and is headquartered in Singapore with a sales presence in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
Booth 311

IPpay is a global electronic payment processor and provider of multiple merchant services.

IPpay was founded to solve Card-Not-Present (CNP) issues for recurring payments. The company says its platform provides simple implementation and seamless integration that allows merchants to benefit without negative impact to cardholders. IPpay offers month-to-month agreements, no early termination fees, a low-to-zero cost gateway fee, tokenization, expired card billing services and uninterrupted recurring transactions.

Chorus Communications

Chorus Communications is a technology consulting firm that has built an "unmatched reputation" with its sales partners, suppliers and customers. Founded in 1995, Chorus is a master agency with an extensive portfolio of products and services to meet today’s ever-evolving world of technology. Chorus says its experts will provide knowledgeable recommendations on your needs, from complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments and everything in between.
Booth 1110

Emerge has been serving the Midwest region since 2004, providing IT solutions such as information technology, managed and cloud solutions.

The Emerge mission is to be a highly trusted technology adviser to the markets in which it serves through best-in-class technical knowledge and competency, in addition to superior customer service and investments into long-term relationships with its clients. The company partners with many types of businesses in the area, striving to provide innovative solutions, so you can continue to drive your business forward.

Booth 1033

UCX is an open marketplace for cloud computing. Claiming to be the only platform of its kind, UCX offers a single location for pricing, comparing, buying and deploying across a diverse portfolio of cloud-related service options.

From VMs and bare metal to colocation and customized cloud, the platform allows CSPs to help design and then compete for specific solution sales, at deeply discounted pricing, to busy IT professionals. The resulting efficiency provides enormous savings, on both time and spend, the company says.
Booth 549

Tufin is a provider of network security policy orchestration for enterprise security. More than half of the top 50 companies in the Forbes Global 2000 turn to Tufin to simplify management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewall and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Tufin says enterprises select the company's Orchestration Suite to increase agility in the face of ever-changing business demands while maintaining a robust security posture. 

Pilot Fiber
Booth 316

Pilot is a modern connectivity company and fully featured network service provider. On a mission to create a more sustainable telecom landscape, Pilot says it combines advanced fiber-optic technology with custom-built software and intuitively designed services, raising the bar for the entire industry. Currently serving more than 100,000 end users over its nationwide IP network, Pilot says its flexible solutions allow businesses to stop worrying about their connectivity and stay focused on what matters.
Booth 927

Yottabyte is a software defined data center company that was founded by technology enthusiasts . The Yottabyte platform was built from the ground up with full integration of your cloud computing needs in mind. The simplicity and completeness of the Yottabyte Cloud OS enables the IT generalist to build, deploy, and manage cloud data centers fast and efficiently. For Enterprise customers, this means having control over the management of your powerful cloud data center. For the Service Providers, this means standing up complete virtual data centers that can be easily deployed and provided to your customer base.

Booth 312

Superloop is designing, constructing and operating new dark fiber networks throughout the Asia Pacific metro region. It's building critical core infrastructure for wholesale carriers and global content providers that require infinitely scalable and reliable connectivity.
Booth 839

With partners and communities, SUSE innovates, adapts and delivers secure Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage software. It empowers its partners to build solutions that work in heterogeneous IT environments, with no vendor lock-in. Partner with the company today and SUSE says it will grow your business sustainably and manageably through the SUSE Partner Program.

Booth 834

T38Fax is a T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) service provider offering fax-optimized SIP trunks that the company says permit reliable, industrial-grade faxing. Carriers and VoIP service providers take note: Route your fax minutes via T38Fax and your service instantly supports T.38 FoIP. Also, you can escalate any fax problems your customers report to T38's support team. Free premium support from fax industry veterans ensures any intermittent fax issues are identified and corrected using science, not superstition, the company said.
Arkadin-Unitrends MSP
Booth 835

Arkadin's mission is to lead companies to increased growth and success by delivering positive collaboration experiences. The company delivers its solutions using a software as a service (SaaS) model so customers can benefit from fast, scalable deployments with a high ROI.

Unitrends MSP
Booth 1024

Backed by more than 25 years of experience in enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), Unitrends MSP provides service providers with an enterprise-class BCDR solution from a Unitrends-powered solution. Unitrends MSP says it understands the unique needs of service providers and has purpose-built a solution around MSP needs. From product to services to support, Unitrends MSP aims to help service providers deliver high-margin BCDR solutions and enterprise-class support to maximize the reliability of those services.
Booth 1018

Vendasta is a white-label platform that helps B2B companies provide expert marketing solutions to local businesses. Vendasta says its platform helps drive down the cost of sales while increasing margins with a needs assessment tool, automated email marketing, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard, marketplace of resellable apps & services, and white-label fulfillment agency.

Grupo NGN
Booth 649

Grupo NGN says it offers a cloud-based suite of products that intelligently supports multichannel communications seamlessly, reliably and with an eye to bottom line impact. By design, its solution allows users to independently scale and leverage the company's tool suite to meet the evolving communication needs within growing companies. This end-to-end solution is supported with a highly specialized, multilingual service team who are passionately driven to provide continuous dedicated global support for customer on-boarding and meeting business scaling requirements.
Connected2Fiber-Vade Secure
Booth 820

Connected2Fiber empowers network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, accelerating leads through the funnel, and unleashing growth. Connected2Fiber says its visual interface allows sales teams and B2B marketers to target the best locations with the full perspective of serviceability, demand and competitive dynamics. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of their sales and marketing technology stack, B2B marketers gain critical insights to better allocate their marketing resources and increase participation with their prospects in The Connected World.

Vade Secure
Booth 1026

Cybersecurity company Vade Secure's filter uses artificial intelligence consisting of machine learning and predictive heuristic rules to block attacks even in their first version. Thanks to daily analysis of billions of data bits, the filter is automatically updated each minute, protecting email accounts against all threats, known, unknown or multi-form. This predictive defense method, proven for more than 10 years, protects your emails against all types of cyberattacks and improves user experience by managing non-priority emails, the company says.
ManageEngine (Zoho Corp.)
Booth 924

As the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, ManageEngine says it prioritizes flexible solutions that work for all businesses, regardless of size or budget. ManageEngine crafts comprehensive IT management software with a focus on making its customers' jobs easier. From network and device management to security and service-desk software, ManageEngine aims to bring IT together for an integrated, overarching approach to optimizing IT.

Profitec Billing Services
Booth 320

Profitec  is a SaaS billing provider combining what the company calls state-of-the-art billing with powerful OSS components. The OmniBill service integrates with platform or carrier usage data to support a wide range of billing methodologies, including full taxation support. Other system functions include CRM, channel management, e-billing presentment, end-user self-care and end user self-initiation. As a service bureau, Profitec provides the service on a pay-as-you-go basis, aiming to minimize startup expenses and capital equipment investment.
Booth 521

4Voice was created to provide the cost savings and flexibility that modern businesses demand. The company's mission is to provide customized business phone solutions that not only deliver the tools of legacy systems, but also purvey the best of modern reporting and low-overhead cloud VoIP, within a budget that is predictable and manageable. 4Voice is founded on more than 80 years of telecom experience and supported by experienced telecom investors.


Do you struggle with your messaging? Are you frustrated with a low number of leads? Is your whole team telling the same story? iMarket2 empowers business leaders frustrated with disappointing marketing results to tell their story in a way that people pay attention, engage and buy.
Booth 825

SherWeb says it has helped more than 5,000 resellers around the world be more successful with the cloud. Join the company's partner program and you'll be able to offer your clients an entire range of IaaS products, including VoIP, cloud servers, cloud databases and online backup. SherWeb is also an indirect CSP partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. SherWeb says this allows it to help partners go to market faster with VoIP. Partners own the customer relationship, control the pricing and billing and set their own margins. SherWeb offers free 24/7 support based in North America, plus free migration and on-boarding for partners' clients.


Cloudgenix says it has a deep understanding of complex networking issues and designs, and knows the only way to truly solve networking issues that surface with next-generation application architectures, rich media, cloud, and SaaS — to approach the problem top-down with a transformational networking architecture. That's an architecture that abstracts the complexity of low-level networking rules and configurations away in favor of top-down business policies for applications, sites, performance, security and compliance. It built the CloudGenix AppFabric from the ground up for exactly this purpose.
AT&T Sign at Business Summit 2018
Charles River Communications
Booth 837

Since 1978, Charles River Communications (CRC) has provided critical infrastructure support and application development development services to Fortune 500 customers. Deloitte & Touche has named Charles River to their "FAST 50" list of the fastest growing technology companies in New York. Starting in 2000, CRC shifted its focus from services performed at large-customer sites, to building and hosting its own cloud applications that enable its global customers to efficiently exchange and manage business-critical communications.

Chrysalis Communications

Chrysalis is an integrated agency built to "satisfy your realities." It calls its philosophy "ridiculously simple": to get great work out the door, on time and within budget.

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