Channel Partners 360°: Meet Our Fall 2017 Award Winners

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Once again we’ve honored a number of partner business who create business value for their customers through telecom, IT and cloud solutions.

The Channel Partners 360° Business Value Awards program, now in its fifth year, recognizes partners for providing holistic solutions to their customers — true “solutions” that solve business problems.

The CP 360° is just for partners – agents, VARs, dealers, systems integrators, MSPs, solutions providers and consultants – that have a well-rounded portfolio and a proven track record of providing well-rounded technology solutions.

We honored a dozen such companies during a special networking event at Channel Partners Evolution in Austin, Texas, on Sept. 26. We’ll select more winners ahead of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo next spring. Go here to apply.

Scroll through our gallery below to see who took home hardware — and why.

Advanced Technology Consulting

An independent telecom, cloud and next-gen IT consulting firm, Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) provides clients with the unbiased research, comparison, procurement, implementation and management of voice, data, cloud and network solutions.

The Challenge:  The Herb Chambers Companies, one of the largest auto sales groups in the country, needed to upgrade its network to support the communication needs of 55 auto dealerships, as well as relatively new and increasingly important users — "connected" luxury cars requiring diagnostics tests.

The Solution: ATC recommended a more robust MPLS network with a minimum of 50 MB metro Ethernet fiber connectivity for all dealership locations, plus an SD-WAN deployment and automatic failover.

The Results: A minimum bandwidth increase of 1500 percent at all dealership locations has correspondingly increased efficiencies to upgrade the overall customer experience and resolve diagnostic determinations much more quickly and effectively.

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Align Communications

Align specializes in strategy, design, deployment, optimization and transformation of technology infrastructure.

The Challenge: A global leader in wealth management needed to upgrade their 10-year-old legacy environment with a refresh of their technology structure's key elements to standardize and secure their entire organization.

The Solution: Align managed multiple critical path work streams to guide and assist the client in modernizing their technology, improving data accuracy, increasing efficiency and reducing risk across their global IT infrastructure, all within a prescribed time frame and with no downtime or impact on the business.

The Results: Under Align's project management, the client successfully completed each project on time and achieved its targeted benefits, including the consolidation of offices and data centers, deployment of a platform to update network infrastructure and a transport network for improved global connections.

GTDC Panel

Through strategic partnerships with more than 50 leading technology suppliers, managed service provider BCM One is a technology integrator and advocate for businesses.

The Challenge: A leading private equity firm needed to improve overall efficiencies for their IT team, scale costs and improve their network design to accommodate evolving business and technology needs, as well as help identifying and recovering excessive charges that had been made for services.

The Solution: After preparing a detailed forensic claim analysis and helping the client recover more than $300,000 in excess charges, BCM One designed an entirely new network that could scale to future growth and technology advances.

The Results: The client was able to use the money recovered for them by BCM One to not only build a more solid network infrastructure that improved performance, but undertake additional IT projects that were critical to the firm's continued growth.

Self Service
Boundless Telecom

Boundless Telecom connects the dots between hardware, applications, services and providers to create the networks their clients require for cloud applications and the 24/7/365 service they need for peace of mind.

The Challenge: Alleyton Resources was experiencing repeated downtime issues at their rural stone aggregate and ready-mix concrete plants that were negatively impacting operations and customer relations.

The Solution: Boundless Telecom recommended a solution that provided a primary and backup circuit and hardware, configuration of the equipment, installation of the hardware and circuits, and monitoring of the entire solution by Boundless's network operations center to open tickets, troubleshoot, and isolate and fix issues on the customer's behalf.

The Results: Improved internal and external communications are resulting in increased business, while an efficient ERP system is contributing to revenue gains, some of which are being earmarked for further technology upgrades.

Network Intelligence
Bridlewood Consulting

Bridlewood Consulting is an end-to-end fixed and mobile communications consulting service that works to strategically align clients' needs with technical, financial and operational corporate initiatives.

The Challenge:  A multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 educational and publishing company needed a full network assessment and re-engineering of their domestic and internal infrastructure, systems and services.

The Solution: Bridlewood facilitated work performed on multiple levels and in multiple phases that involved global sourcing and implementation in more than 50 locations across more than 40 countries to consolidate dozens of providers for improved visibility, cost reduction and control.

The Results: The infrastructure was completely transformed in less than 20 months, resulting in improved bandwidth and increased productivity, while contract consolidation and renegotiation has, to date, resulted in an annual savings of $5.24 million.

Business Arm Wrestling
Carrier Access

With a goal of helping organizations fully leverage their technology strategy and assets, incorporate new technology solutions and enhance support offerings, Carrier Access provides connectivity, life cycle management and technology services.

The Challenge: The customer, a financial services company that had been dependent on its parent company for IT staff, systems and support, was informed without warning that their parent company had been sold and that they would have to move all of their mission-critical IT systems off the parent company's network within 120 days.

The Solution: Carrier Access filled the role of CIO and trusted IT adviser, collaborating with the parent company's IT staff, the customer's software vendors and several other resources from multiple entities to architect a new IT environment for the customer and successfully migrate all business-critical workloads within in the tight deadline.

The Results: The customer was migrated primarily to cloud-based services, giving them the flexibility to scale resources and the ability to easily share files and collaborate — leading to greater employee and client satisfaction — all with the necessary level of security compliance.

Business Arm Wrestling

DisruptiveTek works to keep clients up to date with today's technology by bringing them the customized solutions that will drive their business initiatives, mitigate their risk and enable their growth.

The Challenge: The client, a food processing and distribution company, needed a complete network rip and replace, along with a redesigned infrastructure and domain environment, and a solid BC/DR plan.

The Solution: To create a unified solution that would allow the client to grow at their own pace, DisruptiveTek performed a rip and replace of Layer 3 switching, offloading ERP applications to colocation and commodity applications to a cloud environment, and implemented a hosted UC system across all locations with a unified SDN network with security.

The Results: The DisruptiveTek solution created a redundant and scalable environment for the client that reduced system downtimes, improved operational efficiencies and reduced capital expenses by $200,000.

Virtual Network
Eclipse Telecom

Eclipse Telecom is a leading provider of telecom consulting and management for midmarket and enterprise companies in cloud, mobility and connectivity.

The Challenge: Structural and engineering firm Collins Engineers, with several locations, found it impossible to meet the increasing demands from customers for electronic deliverables and from employees to share ever-larger 3-D CAD files within the constraints of their legacy system.

The Solution: Eclipse assumed responsibility for project management logistics and contract negotiation to affordably provide Collins with the bandwidth they needed by moving most locations to DIA fiber and, in the six locations where fiber was prohibitively expensive or less bandwidth was needed, broadband.

The Results: Improved bandwidth and centralized operations have facilitated a new level of interoffice collaboration and client communications as well as enabling Collins to begin adopting cloud technology such as UCaaS.

Voxox's Kevin Weber
No More Salespeople Consulting

Representing more than 400 providers, No More Salespeople Consulting works to empower clients to make the most informed technology procurement decision by providing experts who are continually trained on all available solutions and provide clients with an honest and objective opinion — not a sales pitch.

The Challenge: Although initially contacted by the client, a construction company with six locations, to help select a UC solution, No More Salespeople soon learned that the client had an overwhelmed one-person IT staff, as well as no equipment standardization, no network monitoring, multiple providers and invoices, no redundancy at any location for voice and data and employees using their own mobile devices for company business with no security protocols.

The Solution: In addition to an MDM solution that would monitor and secure mobile device usage, No More Salespeople recommended fully managed, end-to-end UC, SD-WAN, bandwidth and network monitoring from one provider to give the IT director a single portal for all system management.

The Results: With system monitoring and management now under control and a new level of security in place across the network, communications have improved, increasing productivity, and the IT director is able to focus on projects to grow and increase the business.

Last Mile
Opex Technologies

Opex Technologies is a hybrid technology brokerage and advisory firm that represents clients during critical technology decisions, delivering greater efficiency, accountability and value.

The Challenge: Because of recent acquisitions and plans for aggressive growth, Orion International, the leader in military recruitment since 1991, needed to transform its technology across the board to move off a capex model and drive productivity and growth for the business.

The Solution: After reviewing Orion's budget, current resources and plans for growth, the Opex team recommended moving off a capex hardware self-managed hosting model to a public, multitenant, fully managed hosting model; moving from a traditional MPLS network to a multicarrier IP-based SD-WAN network; moving from a POP 3 email platform to an Office365 platform wrapped in a security solution; and moving from an on-premises PBX to a UCaaS solution.

The Results: In addition to increasing performance, scalability and creating a foundation for future growth with service and support available 24/7/365, the deployment moved Orion from capex to opex, saving them money immediately and providing them with a more predictable technology cost model.

TBI's Jonny Lympus
Optimum Networking

Optimum Networking prides itself in understanding the technological needs of its clients from a business perspective and using this understanding to provide the best-in-class, cost-effective, business-driven IT services that support clients' growth and success. 

The Challenge: RockPile Energy Services needed a trusted IT adviser and partner to take over the IaaS hosting of their environment, which served more than 350 users across the Midwest, and provide them with the quick response times, work quality and system efficiency that their current provider did not.

The Solution: Optimum designed a solution that migrated parts of the client's environment and rebuilt others into a dedicated hosting platform with a managed service plan that included an unlimited tier 1 and tier 2 help desk, onsite engineers, dedicated account managers and a virtual CIO, as well as a DR solution.

The Results: Optimum saved RockPile approximately $180,000 per year with the new environment, as well as providing them with a faster, more flexible environment and responsive support system that have increased productivity.

Cloud Questions
Richardson Communications and Consulting

Richardson Communications and Consulting Inc. (RCC) is a boutique IT services consulting firm that enables a client's digital transformations by gaining a thorough understanding of the client's business model before making any technology solution recommendations.

The Challenge: The client, a U.S.  government-sponsored bank specializing in residential loans, needed assistance in complying with a federal mandate that all 11 of its branch locations had to have off-site, outsourced DR plans for their IT systems and be able to provide evidence of the mandated plan by January 2018.

The Solution: RCC developed a strategy for the bank's two on-premises data centers that addresses both current and future data management needs with a plan for systematically moving from colocation to private cloud to hyperscale in a hybrid cloud, using best-in-class providers and technology.

The Results: RCC's solution enabled the client to meet the federal mandate, as well as providing them with the communications and connectivity needed to improve operational efficiencies and serve as a foundation for future digital transformation.

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