Meet the 2020 Excellence in Digital Service Award Winners

Ten partner businesses have been awarded honors in 11 categories for the second annual Channel Partners Excellence in Digital Services Awards. The awards recognize partners that deliver stellar business outcomes for their customers.

Applicants were required to submit a case study to demonstrate the results their customers got from their efforts. Members of the Channel Partners editorial team and members of the Channel Partners Editorial Advisory Board reviewed the applications and selected the winners.

The honors are only open to channel partners — agents, VARs, MSPs, dealers, SIs, consultants and other partner firms. Suppliers, master agents and distributors aren’t eligible, but they are encouraged to make partners aware of the awards.

Click through our gallery below to learn about the winners.

Nero Consulting logo - gallery
BRAND BUILDER — Nero Consulting Inc.

The Brand Builder award is for partners that use improved processes and insights to improve their clients' end-customer experience and thus increase brand loyalty and profit margins.

Nero Consulting is a technology consulting and managed service provider. Their client, The Assemblage, provides co-working spaces in New York City where members can enjoy such well-being services as yoga, meditation, breath work classes and more. Nero designed, built and maintains the technology infrastructure at the client’s three separate locations. Services ranging from providing a complete, comprehensive network architecture and installing camera surveillance and door access controls to assisting with mobile apps and delivering super-fast Wi-Fi help The Assemblage deliver a more personalized guest/member experience to its unique clientele.
iuvo Technologies logo - gallery
CLOUD BUILDER AWARD — iuvo Technologies

The Cloud Builder Award is for excellence in helping customers cloudify their business.

An IT consulting company and managed service partner, iuvo Technologies believes that technology should elevate business results. Their client’s IT infrastructure was so archaic that it was actually hindering their business. Overcoming resistance from the client, iuvo modernized the client’s infrastructure, moving them to the cloud and Microsoft 365. The final step of the project was a thorough training program for employees. Not only did iuvo’s cloud solutions revolutionize the client’s entire business, they gave the client a $300 monthly cost savings and uncovered a $5,000 credit due for erroneous overcharges by a previous vendor.
IGNW logo - gallery

Consultant of the Year is awarded for excellence in developing, provisioning and managing personalized, specialized IT services.

Portland-based IGNW has more than 175 technologists, engineers and business consultants who focus on complex business and IT initiatives. When their client, an auto and truck manufacturer, decided to build self-driving, connected fleets, they turned to IGNW with the challenge of making telematics work in the real world. And IGNW delivered. Using digital transformation plus modern cloud and DevOps-based approaches and platforms, IGNW built a fully automated driver authentication system that can scale to millions of endpoints and drivers by using the cloud to authenticate both truck and driver together.
TnT Solutions logo

Digital Docent is for partners that provide clients with education/training to help them bridge the IT skills gap.

TnT Solutions leverages education to help empower clients to make informed decisions. Their client, a faith-based organization with nearly 200 locations, had extremely complicated requirements and a definite need for education. TnT started by identifying the client’s common challenges, common solutions and overall growth strategy for the next five years. Consultations, a series of webinars examining the client’s IT challenges and possible solutions, and location-specific evaluations enabled the client to select solutions that best serve them now and will do so in the future. Employee training ensures that solutions are used to maximum effectiveness.
PhoenixNAP logo gallery

Master of Disaster is for partners that take creative steps to protect customers from data loss and the resulting business disruption.

When their aerospace client needed help maintaining its critical and complex “always-on” compute infrastructure and full industry compliance, phoenixNAP provided them with a highly scalable, secure and efficient infrastructure coupled with rapid response and service.  phoenixNAP’s cloud solution facilitates a powerful new turnkey solution that meets industry regulations and security demands. It can manage backups and enable monitoring and visibility of all connected systems. Designed to protect sensitive, mission-critical data and establish an “always-on” cloud infrastructure environment, the customized solution enables 24/7/365 uptime for day-to-day critical operations.
Net7 Solutions logo

The Next-Gen Telecom Award is for excellence in delivering telecommunications and collaboration capabilities including client/user support.

Massachusetts-based Net7 Solutions is an IT consulting and managed service provider. Their client, a manufacturer, needed help making sense of the next generation of WAN. The client wanted to maintain uptime but lower overall cost. Net7 worked with the client to develop a “wish list” for their new WAN, then sat with them to evaluate SD-WAN providers. In the end, Net7 saved the client $350,000 per year and moved them into a reliable, high-bandwidth SD-WAN network with Velocloud, as well as moving their security to the cloud. The client saved 40% on their cost, added 400% capacity to their backbone and had 11% higher uptime.
Subsidium Technologies logo - gallery
PURVEYOR OF PRODUCTIVITY — Subsidium Technologies

Purveyor of Productivity is for excellence in helping customers wring maximum value out of their investments in people, systems and technology.

Subsidium Technologies provides clients with expert advice on which carriers and technologies are right for their business. When a leading fast-food chain with more than 700 locations needed to move their legacy phone system at all locations, add the ability to move all voice traffic to headquarters when needed, realize a cost savings for IT operations and accomplish it all within 50 business days, Subsidium recommended an integrated UCaaS, SIP and SD-WAN solution from CBTS. The deployment was completed in 46 business days and the client is now realizing more than $20,000 per month in net new revenue.
Powernet logo - gallery

The Visionary Award is for partners that employed newer, cutting-edge technologies including machine learning, AI, virtual or augmented reality, blockchain or IoT as the primary enablers of their solutions.

The official Wi-Fi provider of the Western & Southern Open tennis event, Powernet took the fan experience to the next level by layering smart Wi-Fi technology on to the existing network. Visitors using the platform accessed all the information they needed to explore the venue, find the matches they wanted to watch and more. The smart Wi-Fi technology also enabled event organizers to get an inside look at their customers’ demographics and behaviors. An additional layer was brought in that used IoT to monitor individual seat usage. Powernet delivered an enhanced fan experience and new insights for event staff.
INFINIT Consulting logo

Walk the Talk is for partners that turned their digital transformation inward to revitalize their business.

INFINIT’s client, a forest product provider with four locations, was experiencing increased cyberattacks and needed an enterprise-grade security solution at an SMB price. INFINIT deployed its own proactive security solution combined with Microsoft Security Services. They also provided the client with education on their current security risks and how their new security solutions worked to protect them. The client’s employees, server infrastructure, network and data are now proactively protected by a best-of-breed intelligent IT security program with AI-powered threat identification and automated incident response across all aspects of their technology footprint.
Pine Cove Consulting logo - gallery
WHITE HAT AWARD — Pine Cove Consulting

The White Hat Award goes to partners who protect customers from cyberthreats; it also includes physical security, such as video-surveillance projects.

The client, a utility company, approached Pine Cove Consulting for help in securing their system, which includes personal data for thousands of customers in western Wyoming. The company’s existing security system, provided by a number of vendors, was difficult for their one-man IT department to manage. Pine Cove Consulting partnered with Sophos Security to implement a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that transformed the client’s cybersecurity with implementation of deep/machine learning solutions that stop zero-day threats. Every piece of data that flows through the network is now monitored by the technology solutions, in conjunction with a dedicated representative.
iuvo Technologies logo - gallery
DIGI MASTER — iuvo Technologies

Digi Master is a special award given to the partner entry that exhibits particular digital transformation brilliance.

iuvo Technologies, winner of this year’s Cloud Builder Award, utilizes service and problem-solving to provide their clients with innovative, cloud-first technologies to grow and scale their businesses, solve their business challenges and meet their business goals. Their solutions marry integrity, technology, innovation, education and value to transform and elevate their clients’ operations, realizing new efficiencies and increased revenue. Whether providing a startup with technology that will help them transform from a thought to a thought leader, moving solutions to the cloud or helping a client simplify and streamline their network, then teaching them how to use it, iuvo Technologies demonstrates all the qualities of a true Digi Master.

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