Security has become a part of every sale. This category features new services partners should be selling, as well as thought leadership on the impact of cybersecurity and threats to customers’ data.

SMBs Disclosing Data Breaches Minimize Financial Impact

There’s a right and wrong way for companies to disclose a data breach. The moral of the story: If you try to hide it and the media catches wind, it’ll cost you more than if you had been up front about it. Disclosing data breaches, on average, cost SMBs 40% less than those that saw the incident leaked to the media, a new Kaspersky report reveals.

QOS Networks on M&A, 5G and the End of ‘Branch-Based’ SD-WAN

Does SD-WAN need to move from a branch-based approach to a user-based approach? If the goal is to bring “ubiquitous” performance, security and reliability to end users, regardless of their location, then the answer is yes, says the CEO of QOS Networks. He envisions users accessing software on a laptop through an agent to access the cloud.

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