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The latest in regulatory news and compliance issues that impact partner businesses and their customers.

FCCs Inaction Leads to Legal Action

CLECS AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS have until mid-May to file lawsuits against the FCC for its inaction on Verizon Communications Inc.s petition requesting its broadband services for large businesses be reclassified as information services. Competitive carrier association COMPTEL in late March submitted its complaint, asking the D.C. Circuits Court of Appeals to set aside the granted […]

Power Struggle

RECLASSIFYING BPL AS AN information service as one association is proposing could be the break the access technology needs. BPL has been fighting an uphill battle; most analysts are not bullish on the concept, and providers positions run hot and cold. Along with CURRENT Communications Group LLC, Texas-based TXU Electric Delivery, a subsidiary of TXU […]

BellSouth Wholesale Under New Management

LIKE THE OTHER MEGAMERGERS before it, the $67 billion merger of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. is not likely to be denied, but will face challenges from competitors seeking network access as a condition of the merger, which creates the largest telephone company in the country. AT&T will rebrand BellSouth and Cingular under the AT&T […]


… On the various aspects that should be considered in a rewrite of the Telecommunications Act of 1996… We need to move away from the franchising concept and let communities encourage video competition.Jim DeMint, Republican senator from South Carolina, at NARUC, regarding his bill, the Digital Communications Act of 2005 The states need to be […]

Anything But Neutral

OF ALL THE CATEGORIES that could make up a telecom rewrite, net neutrality ranks among the most controversial, and least neutral, topics under consideration. The blogosphere is raging with opinions on the matter. Associations have been lining up expert panels to discuss it during conferences. Senators this winter heard testimony from companies and experts on […]

Is Bigger Better?

Theres a scene in the animated movie Iron Giant where the 50-foot-tall, metal-eating extraterrestrial robot is blown apart. Each arm, leg, nut and bolt has a homing beacon that recalls them back to the machines head and body, allowing it to rebuild anew. This same thing seems to be happening in the telecom industry with […]

Final Curtain Falls on UNE-P

MARCH 11, 2006, IS THE day UNE-P lease rates become mere footnotes to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The day has been anticipated for a few years and been part of the official record since the FCCs ruling in December 2004. Because of this long lead time, the deadline is a non-event in the industry, […]

ILEC Internet Gatekeeping Will Crush Competition

IMAGINE A SCENARIO IN WHICH a customer making a phone call to an individual not on his or her service providers approved list would have to pay extra to complete the call. Far-fetched? Well, its the exact model some network owners have proposed applying to the Internet. You can thank the FCC for creating a […]


… On reports of data brokers selling wireline and wireless phone records to anyone on the Web, and governments subsequent reactions, including the introduction of a Senate bill designed to prosecute people who sell phone records, and the FCCs launch of an investigation into the matter. The reported abuses highlight the critical need to protect […]

DOS Attack Alert

FOR THE PAST 18 MONTHS, I have been thinking a lot about peer-to-peer traffic and how it might impact the many networks that combine to form the Internet. Understanding this kind of traffic can only continue to grow, I thought it could begin to burden the network without providing it with correspondingly more revenue. I […]

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