Regulation & Compliance

The latest in regulatory news and compliance issues that impact partner businesses and their customers.

Quantifying the Impact of UNE-P Deregulation

For the first time, the impact of UNE-P deregulation is becoming quantifiable. New data are showing what we all now know — that few CLECs operate on a resale ba-sis, choosing either commercial agreements or their own facilities to replace the preferred competitive model of the late 90s. A December 2007 FCC report on local […]

Soap Box: Competitive Spirit Will Endure Change

We now are well into 2008 and have begun a New Year with all the promise and challenges each New Year brings. Every New Year also brings a lot of changes in both our personal and professional lives. What are your expectations for 2008? What excites you about the opportunities? What concerns you? What are […]

Open Access is Open Ended

Its an election year and that means we can expect to hear pins drop at the FCC, since the agency historically goes quiet as the country prepares for a new president. One policy issue likely to get closer review after Nov. 4 is wireless open access. The wireless version of the Carterfone decision came about […]

The Google-Phone Effect

In the coming months, wireless dealers will be getting a bold new palette of handset options to offer their business customers. For one thing, devices built on Google Inc.’s Android platform, announced in November, should be making their way to market soon, adding another OS option to the already fragmented handset landscape. For another, the […]

Web Exclusive: Cable Cap Controversy

Now that the FCC has placed a 30 percent cap on cables market share, expect to see the matter go to court again. Thats because this isnt the first time the agency has capped cable. In 1992, Congress passed the Cable Act. The idea was to promote competition in so-called multichannel video programming. Part of […]

Silence Broken: AT&T’s Bob Sloan

They came. They merged. They became Americas largest phone company (again). And then the new AT&T Inc., the amalgamation of SBC, BellSouth and a number of smaller transactions, fell silent on its channel strategy for two years. AT&T’s Bob Sloan After months of promises, dealing with apologetic PR people and a half-serious threat to put […]

FCC Denies Verizon

The FCC In early December dealt Verizon Communications Inc. a bruising forbearance blow when it denied, unanimously, the companys request for UNE deregulation in six northeastern markets. The move didnt bode well for Qwest Communications International Inc., which has a similar petition pending. The decision came a day earlier than expected, on dec. 4, after […]

Forbearance Race Not Over

Famed race car mechanic Smokey Yunick made a career out of testing NASCARs patience with his philosophy that its not what the rules say you cant do, its what they dont say you cant do. Over the past two years, incumbent service providers have taken that sentiment and run with it. Theyve used Section 10 […]

Soap Box: Labor Shortage Calls for Creative Solutions

TWO DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS in the U.S. workforce are converging to create a perfect storm for employers in the coming years. First, the U.S. workforce is aging. By 2010 nearly one in three American workers will be over the age of 50. Second, more than 21 million new jobs are expected to be created in the […]

Wireless+: UMDs Find Xohm Sweet Home

Theres been a lot of talk about all the shiny new devices everyone from the Big Three carmakers to kitchen appliance manufacturers will offer to take advantage of the forthcoming 4G world of always-on, ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity. However, the first 4G devices likely will be handhelds, laptops and ultramobile devices integrated with WiMAX functionality. Built […]

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