Mobility & Wireless

With the advent of 5G wireless technology, mobility is becoming a larger and more significant part of many partners’ line cards.


Extending the WAN With Wireless

DEALERS TAKE NOTE: WIRELESS is becoming an integral part of the WAN sale as mobility continues to become intrinsic to the business environment. A new study from In-Stat says business-related wireless data service will have an average growth rate of 18 percent per year through 2009. The transformation of telecom spending continues unabated, In-Stat analyst […]

Wheres the Money in Wireless?

MAKING MONEY ON WIRELESS is a moving target. While there are some traditional models offered by the larger operators that are still in force, there are increasing efforts by carriers, resellers and master agents to make being a business-to-business wireless dealer more lucrative with residual commission plans, value-added services and even cost avoidance. Compensation from […]

It Pays to Always Be There

ALWAYS BE THERE WAS FOUNDED in October 2000, about the same time things started looking gloomy for Internet businesses. In stark contrast to its VC-backed, indulgent peers, it is self-funded, profitable and growing by 200 percent every 18 months. But, the technology-enablement company still resembles dot-com era startups in other ways. For one, its offices […]

Air Traffic Control

IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE that the state of the mobile enterprise is in disarray. Because wireless carriers initially built their businesses in the consumer markets, enterprises long have been treated as an amalgamation of consumers. Too often employees procure their own wireless services and expense the cost an approach that fails to deliver […]

VoIP Unplugged

BY 2006, ACCORDING TO ESTIMATES by Infonetics Research, 27 percent of enterprises will use VoWLAN, a figure that attests to the burgeoning use of Wi-Fi networks in businesses of all kinds. With that popularity comes a correspondingly ballooning need for reliable installation and performance of those networks. To deal with those issues, Meru Networks Inc., […]

Oh, Wireless, Where Art Thou?

NOW THAT CABLECOS HAVE PAIRED with Sprint Nextel Corp. for mobile wireless service, what are other CLECs to do about achieving the desired quadplay? Many regional CLECs simply dont have the volume, expertise or resources to take on a full-fledged MVNO business. Fortunately, help is on the way. Its now mandatory for a CLEC to […]

Next-Generation Wireless Dealers Find a Home

AS MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS OFFERS become more complex, the nature of the channel is changing to serve more sophisticated clientele, including small and medium enterprises. Both new and existing wireless dealers can find out more about this evolution and revenue opportunity at The Spring 2006 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, March 1-3, at the Mandalay Bay […]

How Does Your Wireless Garden Grow?

WITH THE MVNO MARKET HEATING UP and network operators vying with each other to differentiate themselves with attractive walled gardens of content, some companies are supplying Miracle-Gro for developing a well-manicured offering with wholesale entertainment and applications. Private-label plays relieve operators of certain headaches; developing and delivering new services quickly, as well as signing and […]

Mobility = Possibility

AS IS CUSTOMARY TO DO AT THE beginning of the year, I have been thinking a lot about where the growth opportunities are for PHONE+ and its readers. There are many opportunities like VoIP that are top of mind, but I keep coming back to mobility. I dont mean cell phones. Yes, cellular phones and […]

UNE CLECs Should Cut the Cord

THE TELEGRAPH, THE TELEPHONE AND EVEN the television have had us wired so long its difficult to imagine the world without the wires. Ironically, wireless communication has been around just as long as wireline. Since 1899, when Marconi radio-telegraphed the results of the Americas Cup yacht races, weve been sending content through the air. So […]

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