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3FN Starts Hosting Resale Program

Triple Fiber Network or 3FN Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based Web hosting company, announced a new Web hosting partner program. Each partner who signs up will get a unique link with his own unique ID, which will be used to assign commission for purchases made by visitors, who followed that link. The Webmaster will continue […]

Telx Channel Signs 100+ Partners in 3 Quarters

It takes nine months to gestate a baby and that’s about how long the Telx channel program has been incubating. Launched in June, the program now is seeing some momentum with more than 100 partners on board, said channel chief Kirk Horton, speaking at the at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo this week in […]

Avistar, DataMart Team for Video UC

Integrator DataMart Inc. will add Avistar Communications Corp.’s desktop videoconferencing to its unified communications portfolio, with the goal of tapping into the travel reduction trend. Wainhouse Research found in a recent study that one-third of those polled see the use of videoconferencing accelerating given today’s economy, as it reduces the need and cost for travel […]

iland Lures Agents With Cloud Services

iland Internet Solutions Corp. is rolling out a new channel program; its lure is the promise of virtualization. Virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical […]

NEF: Get Your Colo Quotes Here

Agency NEF Inc. is gearing up to launch a new quoting tool for colocation and managed data center services. It will be available to potential subagents beginning in March. NEF President Michael Murphy said the tool includes data on more than 1,000 data centers from 136 national, regional, carrier and neutral facilities or managed services […]

Downturn-Proof Data Center Sales Strategies

      By Moz Aslam, COLOTRAQ The relationship between purchasing managers and CFOs mimics the cyclical nature of our economy. During boom times, there is great team chemistry — similar to a cohesive 11-man offensive unit in the NFL, where everyone is striving towards the goal. Here, the goal is increasing shareholder value. And […]

nGenX Merges With Norlight Data Centers

nGenX Corp. and Norlight Data Centers Inc. announced that parent company Q-Comm Corp. has merged these two data-focused business units to focus on building more data centers and expanding cloud computing offerings. The combined business unit will come together under the nGenX name. Over the next several years, nGenX plans to build data centers throughout […]

Broadview Expands Professional Services Offering

Broadview Networks has announced expanded availability of its Professional Services portfolio from its Mid-Atlantic markets to its entire geographic footprint. Broadview said its geographic footprint, scope of services and investment in resources have all grown in response to customer demand. Broadview’s Professional Services offering includes three major areas: Network Design, Implementation and Management; Data Center […]

Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm Sells Out

The Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm has officially made landfall, with signs pointing to the potential for the Storm to become more than the subject of clever weather-related puns. A Verizon store in Times Square has sold out of the device, already and long lines have formed across the country. The Storm is RIM’s first touchscreen […]

Proxims 802.11n: More Speed, Less Cost

802.11n might be known as “super Wi-Fi” as the fastest version of the technology to date, but uptake has been a little slow because of the cost to upgrade and a lack of an existing base of compatible client devices. WLAN provider Proxim Wireless hopes to eliminate the cost objection, while improving 802.11n speeds to […]

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