Email Marketing: Dead or Alive?

With all the excitement over social platforms, its easy to let other older” strategies move to the back burner. Case in point: email marketing.

Facebook Faces the Music

Facebook needs a breakout strategy to address the large number of users that access them through mobile devices. If the studies are even half right, success in the future requires a mobile strategy.

How Do You Wireless?

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing people using their smartphones. So just how are they using them?

New IT Training Offerings Reflect Changing Times

Only in recent years have social media and mobility begun to affect information technology in significant ways. Security is the most common issue, but there are other factors making it necessary to not only take note of social media and mobility, but to invest in them.

Cloud Privacy: An Unreasonable Expectation?

It seems as though we face a growing need to develop laws to protect us from the actions of companies that can secretly or knowingly use our private information for either research or commercial exploitation.

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