Conferencing Gets Social

Conferencing implies a social activity, but over the years it has become anything but. Some vendors are getting wise and adding consumer-like video and social networking features into their collaboration platforms.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: We All Need Some Boot Camp

Broadvoxs David Byrd saw an offer he couldnt refuse and decided to go out of his way to be sold to by a person and a company of which he had no knowledge. It changed his approach to using the Internet to generate leads and sell product.

6 Social Media Tools for a Co-Marketing Makeover

As social media becomes a valuable tool in acquiring and nurturing customer relationships, channel partners should ask for  and get  social media marketing support from suppliers.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: SEM … Pay to Play — Is It Worth It?

Unless marketing managers and directors get together and put a cap on online spending (hint, hint), advertising spend will continue to increase until the cost per lead and cost per click reach equilibrium and the model implodes.

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