This category features the latest in applications that can be used to run a customer’s business.

Got a Beef With That?!

There are several lessons to be learned from Netflixs mistakes. Price increases should reflect either an improvement in value or match inflation. And offer real apologies, not the ingenuous, If I offended anyone …”

Red, White and ooVoo

Congress has approved the use of ooVoo and Skype to conduct video chat sessions, giving the government body the opportunity to reduce costs, accelerate communications and appear to be on the ball with technology.

Pumping Up Partner Portals

New technologies and a need for greater document and workflow automation have led to a spate of recent portal rollouts and upgrades.

Technology Commodity Conversation

Converting technology into useful information and thereby knowledge and improved decision making is an ongoing effort. Lets be clear, this stuff is not commoditized.

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