This category features the latest in applications that can be used to run a customer’s business.


Cloud Computing, Hosted and Managed

Properly engineered, cloud computing can have the same availability characteristics as those of hosted and managed services. However, most cloud applications are not considered business critical and deliver minimally required service levels to attract and retain customers.

Collaboration and Community: The Keys to Success

Collaboration and community are important factors to business value and channel growth, so CompTIA developted online communities for professionals to share ideas and best practices.

Scotch Eggs and FRAND for Breakfast

One view is that the actions of Motorola will kill video over the Internet. Perhaps that’s going a little far, but what’s the real objective here?

Curds and the Digium Way

Given Digiums success with an open-source application like Asterisk, it would seem that they could have continued with that philosophy and developed an open-source-based endpoint.

An Imperfect Storm

Having networks fail around the world as we are attempting to generate confidence in using cloud applications is not good.

How Do You Iron Chef?

Cloud computing is clearly the delivery mechanism of applications for some time to come.

Forecasting Chicken, Steak and Fairness

When ASPs like Apple and Google release new services that are expected to generate a new wave of traffic without giving notice to the carriers, this can negatively affect all network users.

Pancakes and Panned

In addition to having a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution, the popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets is accelerating the need to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all IT applications.

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