This category features the latest in applications that can be used to run a customer’s business.


How To Choose a Vendor and Get It Right

Given the cost of switching vendors, a decision to proceed with an end-to-end or single-vendor solution is significant and must be considered highly strategic.

Smartphones and the Age Gap

As recent studies have shown, the growth in data consumption is exceeding even the most optimistic projections. So as you bring workers on board that are more connected,” this analysis of usage becomes even more important.

How Do You Wireless?

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing people using their smartphones. So just how are they using them?

The Problem With Cloud Service Providers

While there is little doubt that the rise of the cloud integrator is taking place, it is occurring because most cloud providers are singular in their product focus.

Youre Fired

There are lots of examples of email blunders and most of them could have been corrected by just taking a moment to reread the email for content or to check the distribution list.

Hosting Services

Hosted solutions share the same key benefits as cloud computing, such as established and working applications, easy access, reduced costs and minimal to no capital expenditures. However, they go further.

Cloud Computing, Hosted and Managed

Properly engineered, cloud computing can have the same availability characteristics as those of hosted and managed services. However, most cloud applications are not considered business critical and deliver minimally required service levels to attract and retain customers.

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