This category features the latest in applications that can be used to run a customer’s business.


Pancakes and Panned

In addition to having a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution, the popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets is accelerating the need to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all IT applications.

Business-Ready VoIP: Cable vs. Wireline

Cable service for business VoIP and cloud-based applications is improving. It might not be the equal of metro Ethernet or a wireline offering of SDSL or a T1, but, for many reasons, the services are improving.

$100 Billion and Counting

Social media sites are essentially cloud applications that are made available to all of us. How a business employs these applications or tools will determine the derived value or measure of success.

Broadband Is Around the Corner

The final two elements to consider in making your decision are usually the least well thought-out or investigated.

We Interrupt This Count

Despite Thursday’s decision in the U.S. Senate, the issue of Net neutrality has not been put to rest, as legal challenges are expected from Verizon and some consumer advocates wanting stronger consumer protections.

Broadband Selection Criteria 2 and 3

With the ambiguity surrounding real Net neutrality rules, IP communications continue to be at risk when using a third party for connectivity. Here’s justification to convince your prospects to buy broadband from the carrier providing VoIP/SIP Trunking and hosted UC services.

Accelerating Video Adoption

All businesses will benefit if video applications work seamlessly across service-provider networks and different IT infrastructures.

Got a Beef With That?!

There are several lessons to be learned from Netflixs mistakes. Price increases should reflect either an improvement in value or match inflation. And offer real apologies, not the ingenuous, If I offended anyone …”

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