This category features news and analysis about big data, analytics and the business insights that can be gleaned from them.


Major Shift Toward Cloud Office Systems Pending

Gartner predicts a major shift toward cloud office systems will begin by the first half of 2015 and will be at 60 percent by 2022, driven in part by an increased number of devices per user accessing cloud systems.

HP: ‘We’ve Got to Become Easier to Work With’

In light of that need, the company is outlining some new upgrades to its partner program, including top executive communication, a key CRM/PRM implementation, and changes to the benefit structure.

How UIA Completes the Big Data Picture

A $3.5 billion market in software and services, UIA is one of the fastest areas of IT development, growing at 24 percent CAGR according to IDC.

‘Big Data’ Is the New ‘Cloud’

We must get past incomplete and obsolete definitions that are being used to define Big Data and identify opportunities to successfully help companies implement it.

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