Why ‘Channel Next’ Isn’t Who We Are


… millennials vs. boomers, old guard vs. new, digital natives vs. digital immigrants. Even Channel Next was named to be a “replacement” organization, one that would squarely place boomers/Gen Xers against millennials/Gen Zers in a battle royale that would shape the very fate of the channel.

Well, I was reminded by a very forward-thinking group of millennials, X-ers and boomers that we are in this together. So that’s why we renamed Channel Next to Channel NX2Z, to be more inclusive of who we are and better represent who we want to be. Our new name shows we are a bridge organization, dedicated to not only highlighting the talents and accomplishments of millennials, but also paying homage and respect to those who’ve laid the groundwork for us. shown us how it’s done and are openly expressing a desire to pass the torch. It also shows we’re here to do the same for Gen Z.

Last but not least …

Lesson #4: We are just getting started!

More than 40 young professionals from across the industry expressed that this thing can’t end. They have friends and colleagues that couldn’t join us, whose voices couldn’t be heard, opinions couldn’t be accounted for, and who couldn’t celebrate with us. So we are not done!

What’s next?

We are in talks to have regional events in Chicago and Toronto this summer. That’s right, we are taking this thing international. We plan to take our message of inclusion and “bridging the gap” as far as we can. I certainly see more of you at these events, everyone from boomers to Z-ers and everyone in-between. As the old song goes, “Ain’t no stoppin’ us now!” Join and follow our LinkedIn page to find out where we’ll be next, and mark your calendar for our business hackathon on Oct. 9.

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