What Buyers Want

Remember that ridiculous movie where Mel Gibson plays an arrogant dude that is suddenly endowed with the ability to know what women want by tuning in to their thoughts? While it turns out to be more of a burden than a gift, the newfound knowledge gives Mel a better understanding of co-star Helen Hunt, who he woos in the end, of course.

Im not so sure male-female relationships necessarily benefit from total disclosure, but it sure would be nice to read our customers minds.

We are bringing you the next best thing. I am very excited that Marlo Sneddon, our educational coordinator, has confirmed six end user executives who will join us at 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 2, for some straight talk about what they want.

Joseph Raats, Owner, Great American Title
Samuel Tamura, Director of Information Technology, ScripNet
Debra Sargent, Telecom Manager, Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino
Chris Pallan, Vice President, Business Bank of Nevada
Kimberly Ball, Telecommunications Manager, South Coast Hotel & Casino
Lauren Dean, Director of Communications Services, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

I cant think of a better way to cap our education program than bringing all the discussion of technology and products into sharp focus with the customer view. What do they want technology to do for them? What do they want you to do for them?

The panel will be moderated by Scott Levyof Telecom Solution Center, which works with end user companies in gaining control of their telecommunications environment. Knowing Scott, there will be no shortage of hard-hitting questions. But we really want you to join in the discussion.

What’s your burning question?

— Khali

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