Want to Master the SMB Market? Listen, Learn and Help Them Win

Nerdio's Michael Conn

Michael Conn

By Michael L. Conn, Senior Cloud Computing Strategist, Nerdio

In my role at Nerdio – a company that itself began as a managed service provider – I’ve helped many MSPs succeed in one of today’s hottest market segments: small and midsize businesses. SMBs are hungrier than ever for technologies previously available only to the enterprise crowd, and they have a huge range of digital services to choose from. Ideally, you’ll be the one to deliver.

How do you cut through the noise and close more of those SMB sales?

The answer is simple: Speak directly to their real needs. Small but growing businesses face a unique set of challenges, from less working capital to scarce IT expertise. They are in dire need of a smarter, more strategic approach to resource utilization, not to mention a way to lower costs, complexity and risk. This is where their challenges become your big opportunity — if you can show how to outsource their IT needs using a variety of as-a-service options while reducing upfront costs, maximizing the value of existing technology investments and delivering better performance. When there is an internal IT team, they are of more use to the business helping to innovate and improve the customer experience than keeping the lights on. In other words, take their IT headaches off their plates so that they can get back to improving their businesses.

A comprehensive approach will help you stand out from the crowd, accelerate new business acquisition and drive bigger successes. I’ve walked MSPs through the following tactics to help them shorten their sales cycles from the typical 18 months to just six months or even less. If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing yourselves, here are a few helpful talking points to get you started in selling better IT to SMB customers.

  • Their Challenge: Tedious, inefficient, piecemeal IT
  • Your Solution: Centralized, comprehensive, flexible IT

SMBs traditionally have taken a piecemeal approach to IT, largely because they didn’t have any other option. Most are used to juggling a myriad of components from multiple different vendors, and it’s a painful and tedious (and sometimes impossible) process to make the entire IT environment work cohesively.

With a full IT-as-a-service bundle, you can simplify while enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization in a profound way. Tell your customers to say goodbye to managing a bunch of separate components and to stop worrying about hiring IT pros, or misusing the ones they have. No admin wants to spend all day patching servers and resetting passwords. Outsourcing both the maintenance and optimization of IT is a win. But remember, as service provider, you need to have…

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