Voice Blasting by Schools Creates Agent Opportunity

By Dan Baldwin, Telecom Association President

I’d really like to find the guy who sold the voice blasting service to all the mortgage companies so I can run my car keys along the entire length of his car. On the other hand I’d like to give a big hug to the person who sold the same service to my kids’ schools.

Voice blasting is the audio equivalent of fax blasting where one organization records a voice message and then has that audio voice message sent to all the organizations’ members phone numbers. It works really well when they send the message in the middle of the day so it ends up in your voice mail. It works less well when the call comes in during the evening and one of your kids answers the phone. In any event, the information service is a 500 percent improvement over the previous school parent information distribution system of sending a flyer home in your kids’ backpacks. Kids make lousy message takers and even worse mail carriers.

The opportunity for agents? Something to sell to schools! As schools and other government agencies are the last strongholds for the RBOCs, voice blasting and other “enhanced services” provide agents with a toehold into school or government businesses. Best of all? Unlike selling a phone system, most voice blasting can be sold as a hosted service in the same way hosted conferencing is sold. If your kids’ school isn’t voice blasting you about testing days, snow days or PTA meetings then give them a call and sell them “voice blasting.”

Click here to see information about “Connect-Ed,” the system used at my kids’ school. Most conference service companies sell voice blasting, so contact the conference service you sell if you want to get into voice blast selling. I know A+ Conferencing sells it through agents. Call A+’s Mike Burns at +1 877 818 9650. I personally have used VoiceShot successfully to share information in my own homeowners association.

When searching on the Internet for news stories about the service or service providers, search on the terms “voice broadcast,” “voice broadcasting,” “voice blast” or “voice blasting.”

Dan Baldwin is president of TelecomAssociation and can be reached at+1 951 245 6877 or

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