Vindicated! Don’t Close a Sale Without These Criteria

By Pam Avila

I love it when Im right (which of course doesnt happen very often)! For a number of years, in various white papers, articles and presentations, Ive been telling channel partners that the buying criteria of enterprises are based on the basic business drivers. While the CIO may add a technology slant to his/her criteria, other CXOs in an organization generally agree that buying priorities are based on the following drivers:


  • Increasing growth and revenue
  • Reducing/controlling expenses
  • Improving productivity
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage.
  • Maintaining/growing the customer base

And now there is one additional driver that is equally important addressing the needs of a changing workforce (i.e., remote and mobile workers plus a young technology-savvy generation).

If a channel partner is attempting to sell a solution of any type without addressing at least some of these criteria/drivers forget it! The chances of closing the sale are slim at best. And if there is doubt about this selling strategy, a recent article in Channel Partners  magazine What Customers Want From Telecom and IT supports what Ive been saying! Read it and heed it (especially the sidebar)!

Pam Avila is founder of Sierra Summit Group, a consulting group formed in 2002 to address the challenges of building a convergence channel. She also is the channel expert on, an industry resource with more than 11,000 members worldwide. In addition, Avila is the creator and manager of the annual UC3 Summit event. Her channel expertise comes from both managing channel sales organizations and mentoring a nationwide group of convergence” VARs and telecom dealers called CT Pioneers, which was later merged with CompTIA. She is a member of the 2012-13 Channel Partners Advisory Board.

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