3 Unconventional Ways to Launch the CCaaS Conversation

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…idea of migrating all of their data to the cloud will understand the necessity of establishing a solid BC/DR plan. In the process of creating this strategy, you have the opportunity to showcase the value of cloud-based infrastructure and eventually move into a broader conversation around CCaaS.

With these CCaaS kick-starters in mind, where do you begin? Leverage the business process review (BPR) to uncover these unconventional entry-points for the CCaaS sale.

The BPR starts with a conversation about the customer’s existing processes and then proceeds to an in-depth whiteboarding session of all their existing technology and processes. Your ability to perform an exhaustive BPR proves that you are capable of filling the trusted adviser role — it’s the secret to the sale. Your understanding of the vertical and the common issues they face will bolster your credibility.

Keep in mind that attrition is always the No. 1 issue no matter the vertical, and you have a direct impact on this pain point by helping to put the right tools in the agents’ hands. Overall, don’t be afraid to challenge the contact center leader and invite them to think about more than the day-to-day needs of running the organization. Even if CCaaS isn’t on their radar, they’ll thank you for helping them see the value of a comprehensive solution.

Brandon Knight is a 27-year cloud, telecom and contact center industry veteran, with a significant PaaS and SaaS background. He is the founder and president of the consulting company Exceptional Contact Centers, and an Intelisys sales partner. Knight previously served multiple leadership roles with Novation Companies, including UC Cloud Provider Corvisa Cloud. He also held several management roles with Humana Inc., Healthesystems Inc., The Travelers Companies Inc. and Sprint PCS. In addition, his role as a cloud and telecom consultant with Elite Management Consultants for eight years grants him a uniquely valuable perspective in the cloud evangelist role. As cloud evangelist for Intelisys, he has multiple touch points with their sales partners and participates heavily in the development and delivery of Cloud Services University content; Intelisys live education events; and has direct communication with sales partners as they navigate larger cloud deals. Knight’s ability to look at an outwardly simple deal or solution and identify additional points of entry for revenue and customer stickiness benefit the Intelisys community, as he assists in developing that same skill in sales partners. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter @CloudEvnglst.

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