3 Unconventional Ways to Launch the CCaaS Conversation

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…center to the next level — an automated dialer can generate more revenue and lead to fewer call hang-ups.

Land & Expand Opportunity #2: Workforce Management Software

 Once you’ve performed the business process review (BPR), you’ll have gained an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of the customer’s organization. The BPR is where the “trusted adviser” piece truly comes into play — if you’re able to identify ways to improve specific processes across the contact center, including their workforce management, you have a window for a sale. The CCaaS package often features WFM software, so this is another excellent opportunity to expand into the full CCaaS deal.

Selling-points for WFM software include the following:

  • Improved forecasting with prebuilt algorithms to assess all channels;
  • Sophisticated scheduling tools that increase management efficiency;
  • Automatic tracking aids and minimized idle time for agents;
  • Preprogrammed notifications and alerts that help adapt quickly to changes;
  • Synchronized scheduling with skill sets reduces head count requirements;
  • Less administrative effort and maintenance requirements;
  • Better agent engagement and schedule adherence;
  • Intraday plans that can be auto-generated to mitigate spikes in call volume; and
  • Empowering for agents by allowing them to submit scheduling requests and bid for vacation slots.

 A CCaaS sale is one step away from the WFM software sale. If your prospect is excited by all the tools a WFM platform can offer, the time is now to open the CCaaS conversation. If they are interested in boosting agent productivity and minimizing idle time, then your prospect will likely be interested in quality management features that often come in a CCaaS package. CCaaS generally offers on-screen and call recording, self-evaluations for agents, automated feedback, and even surveys for customer satisfaction. Some CCaaS solutions also include performance management software that can be configured to help agents work toward customized goals.

Land & Expand Opportunity #3: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

If a contact center leader is concerned about business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), then they likely already understand the risk inherent in using premises-based contact center solutions. CCaaS is a cloud-based managed service; it completes the business continuity piece of the equation and often comes bundled with disaster recovery solutions.

Contact center leaders focus on the following points around BC/DR:

  • It enables emergency coverage from remote or temporary agents at another location;
  • Their data is safe in the cloud — contact centers use customer data constantly. They also rely on historical data to forecast scheduling, assess quality, review customer feedback and measure their overall success;
  • There’s a strategy in place for recovering their data.

A contact center that operates with premises-based equipment is highly susceptible to business disruption due to natural disasters or other circumstances. Even contact center leaders who balk at the…

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