3 Unconventional Ways to Launch the CCaaS Conversation

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Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight

By Brandon Knight, ScanSource Intelisys

Channel Partners Insights logoAnyone in the indirect channel has likely heard the term contact center-as-a-service, or CCaaS, and claims to understand the massive opportunity it represents.

However, closing a CCaaS deal is another story entirely — most technology advisers struggle to speak the contact center language and generally misinterpret their customers’ needs. More than with any other vertical, contact centers require a consultative sale. A contact center leader brings on a technology adviser because they need someone to fill that “trusted adviser” role — they want actionable insights to help them deliver against their KPIs — key performance indicators, or “goals,” in contact center terms.

If your prospect isn’t primed to talk about CCaaS, you can use other angles of the contact center business as entry points. I like to call those “land and expand” opportunities. A contact center leader may not be asking how to move to the cloud, but they know they need a more unified communications infrastructure. They might not be thinking about CCaaS, but perhaps their on-premises equipment has caused them to rethink their disaster recovery strategy. These opportunities go both ways, too — you can move from the CCaaS sale, for instance, into a workforce management software (WFM) sale.

There’s more than one way to start the CCaaS conversation. Here are a few alternative entry points you can explore with your prospects.

Land & Expand Opportunity #1: Unified Communications-as-a-Service

A UCaaS customer is the most natural target for a CCaaS sale. This contact center leader already understands the selling points of cloud — flexible pricing, scalable services, remote agent enablement, etc. They’re looking toward the future and realize that their agents will be most productive with the right tools in hand.

Common selling points for UCaaS within the contact center vertical include the following:

  • Digital corporate directory access, click-to-dial and live presence technology;
  • Effective remote work options for agents, which widens the recruiting pool;
  • Unified channels with a consistent user experience for agents and customers;
  • The ability to escalate IM chats into phone calls and generally move between channels; and
  • Third-party application integrations, including integrations between automatic call distributors, CRMs, WFM software and more.

CCaaS is the perfect complement to the UCaaS package. A fully integrated agent portal improves productivity and reduces training time for new hires. It also enables them to handle multiple customer interactions at once. Omnichannel reporting, another compelling feature included with CCaaS, gives managers a 360-degree view of the customer journey. CCaaS also helps improve management productivity, thanks to unified configuration and admin tools. Quality management, including call recording and other features, is another selling point for CCaaS that fits naturally into the UCaaS conversation. Proactive outbound calling software can take a UCaaS-fueled contact…

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