The One-Call Close Is Back






Roger Thomas, CEO, TeleComp

Our salespeople have found the new customer response to the cold-calling question, “What is the biggest technology challenge today in which your company is facing?”

In the old days, the answer was “VoIP communications.” And then, more recently, “video conferencing,” which was the answer to the high traveling/gas prices. But now, without exception in this extremely downturned economy, the answer we are hearing from our prospects is, “How can I cut my monthly technology expenses without giving up anything?”

In our company’s case, we don’t represent every carrier, reseller, ILEC, CLEC out there. So, we risk auditing a customer’s wireline and wireless bills without making any money on the backend with a carrier contract. And, we risk losing money in terms of the time we spend auditing.

Well, speaking for our company, we are a for profit business. So after researching automated auditing services and necessary legal contracts, we now offer wireline and wireless auditing services, wherein the customer signs an agreement that they will share the savings we find. Essentially, we invoice the customer for 50 percent of total savings each month for 12 months. We go as far as to let them tell us what they’ve saved, and the customer takes the lead in our follow-up meetings.

The days of the one-call close are back because of wireline and wireless auditing services.

Plus, we feel auditing is quite a philanthropic approach, as never has there been a greater need for businesses to avoid cramming and slamming charges and uncover money-saving promotions that also can allow them to do more business.

Roger Thomas is CEO of TeleComp, a telecom and computer sales and support firm serving businesses since 2003. TeleComp’s sales and service terms has won the national Circle of Excellence award as an AT&T Solution Provider for the last three years. Thomas is a member of the AT&T Southwest Alliance Channel board of advisors. He also is a member of the 2008-09 PHONE+ Channel Partners Advisory Board.

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