The Downside of Incremental Improvements

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… the downsides of incremental improvements. Take some of the researchers at Intermountain Health Care in Salt Lake City. After years of study, they have come to recognize that the best thing we could do to improve patient outcomes would be to refocus the energy we spend looking for the next great advance and instead direct it to applying what we already know in a consistent and high-quality manner.

If that sounds crazy, please note that the organization was once featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine as the outfit that was doing more to fix health care than anyone. Don’t get me wrong: They are absolutely for medical research. As researchers and scientists, however, they have become keenly aware that the number of drugs, procedures and devices introduced each year contributes to bad outcomes and spiraling costs if not properly integrated with proven care protocols.

Something to think about while you’re waiting for your device to reboot for the umpteenth time.

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