The Critical Elements of a Good Supplier-Partner Relationship

Best Friends

… getting the exclusive. Everybody is in it to win it, but it’s a joint exercise that needs investments — and shared risks — from both sides.

  • The ISV. You can’t just sit back and collect the business from the partners. You should have a programmatic way of feeding the channel with shared leads, communications strategies, incentives and a toolbox of “closers” to help partners drive the business forward. Provide clarity and alignment around common goals and issues. Know how to speak to customer challenges, and help the partners address those pains, too.
  • The partner. Be open and have honest discussions with the ISV about your shared objectives. Let them know what you need so that each party gets what they desire from the relationship, and everyone understands the resources that each will be contributing to achieve success.

The ISVs and the partner community need each other. As each gets larger, the more important it becomes to leverage the unique skills others possess along the value chain. It’s just good partnership. And more importantly, it’s just good business.

Denny Riley is Global VP Channel at OpsRamp. He has developed and implemented strategies to successfully sell products and services in the tech industry for more than two decades and is skilled at building account relationships and hiring exceptional sales teams. He can be found online at LinkedIn or @OpsRamp.

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