The CEO POV: 5 Ways Epsilon Built Its Business Culture to Serve the Channel

Boss, CEO

… super-talented rocks that can’t or won’t learn. Having sponges is about building adaptability into our business with people who can change as demand across the channel changes. We’re ready to support the channel demands of the future.

  • Partners matter more than ever: Getting the right people on board was critical, but so has been partnering with the right companies. We looked at our partner strategy and chose to work with companies that share our vision for cloud-centric networking and the channel. Partners enable you to move faster to transform your business and continue to change over time. With the rise of APIs, partners have become seamlessly integrated into our business, and we’re offering our platform to channel partners via APIs. The partners you choose are critical for delivering the best possible services, processes and overall experience to customers.
  • Our core values don’t change: At the end of the day, our business has changed, but the core value proposition hasn’t. Our tagline when we were in the coal shed was “Connectivity Made Simple,” and today at our offices in New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and around the world, it is still “Connectivity Made Simple.” The vision is the same, but how we execute on our vision has changed. Channel partners can trust us and know what we’re going to deliver.
  • You never think about changing your business culture when you start out, but it becomes necessary. You have to evolve and change with the market, and that means rethinking who you are as a business and what you want to be for customers. To be successful in the cloud era, you have to design for adaptability.

    When you have the right people, you’re ready to grow and deliver customer-service excellence. The challenge is to build the team. The opportunity is getting it right and creating a cloud culture that is faster, more efficient and ready for the future.

    Epsilon co-founder and CEO Jerzy Szlosarek is a seasoned industry executive with a strong sales and engineering background, particularly in the global telecom markets. Leading Epsilon’s worldwide partner development and innovation initiatives, Jerzy has been central to the company’s success positioning Epsilon into service provider networks worldwide. Jerzy’s track record of success spans almost 20 years, having progressed in Epsilon from the founding days as CTO during which Jerzy laid out the technical vision to running the global sales and operations teams as COO before assuming the CEO position.

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