The Case for Spiffs — And Why Some Still Cry Foul


… the confidence that they will be sold an appropriate solution. All of these things can happen in a spiff world.

Get Creative

Not that there isn’t room to improve. Consider the way dealers and manufacturers think about spiffs: Salespeople often take the path of least resistance and sell only what the customer asks for. A spiff bumps them out of that autopilot. Now, I recommend that channel dealers build on that by coming up with innovative ways to reward building margin into sales, improving attach rates and increasing staff product knowledge.

Speaking of attach rates … this is one of the most underappreciated areas of the sales process. Salespeople generally sell the product that the end user asks for; they rarely take the time to mention five, 10 or even 15 ancillary products that are natural go-togethers. If they sold even a few of those add-ons, the total sale AND the total margin would go up, AND the end user would gain enhanced productivity and utility.

Extending a hand to vendors and working together to design spiff programs will clearly benefit both organizations. I can personally tell you it is happening at leading dealers and manufacturers in many industries where human beings still make the sale.

Understanding the relevance of spiffs and leveraging them as sales assets is the first step; working with tools that better deliver and manage effective spiff programs is the next. There is plenty of room for further development of spiff programs and management solutions in the marketplace. Let’s work together to help the partners, vendors and manufacturers design, implement and manage successful incentive programs — it’s a win-win-win.

George Kriza has over 30 years experience in the personal computer and consumer electronics industries. Since founding MTC Performance, he has focused on web-based technologies designed to break new ground in facilitating the success of incentive programs. His technology, sales and marketing expertise, combined with keen analytical skills, have enabled him to provide direction to many other corporations looking for a faster track along their marketing curve. Sony, Apple Computer, ITT Corporation, Panasonic, Creative Labs and Proxima are just a few of the companies that have utilized George’s experience.

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