Taking a Different View on M&A

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO

Lots of M&A and spin offs in the last 18 months – US LEC-PAETEC, Time Warner Telecom-Xspedius, NuVox-FDN, Sprint-Nextel-Embarq, Alltel-Valor-Windstream to name a few. But in all that activity, nothing new or exciting has come out.

Understand that many of these events are for financial reasons, not business reasons. It has shaken the channel up significantly.

But you would think that after all the chaos would come something new, innovative, exciting. Something. Did I miss it?

It seems the smaller players are making all the moves, especially in VoIP. For example, M5 partnering with SimulScribe and Intelliverse working with many partners for a complete customer experience.

Meanwhile over at the CLEC’s, crickets. Channels agents should start looking at Web 2.0 and Voice 3.0 companies, like TalkPlus.

Become the integrator. It’s hard enough to differentiate that Dynamic T1 (except on price) add on your own value with things like, SimulScribe, Sonopia, Jott, TalkPlus, SpinVox, Gizmo, iotum, Jajah, Jangl, Jaxtr, Grand Central (oh, wait Google bought that) and Google Apps.

Don’t sell hardware? Point them to a partner, become a VoIP supply affiliate, or free Windows PBX software at 3cx.

The small business space needs help with technology. Most of the old telco bundles don’t fit every situation. (How often can you push a square peg into a round hole?) Build one yourself. (Yeah, it is a little more work, but much more productive.) Add to your toolbox and you will gain customers and some loyalty.

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