Stop the ‘Pressers’: No, Wait, Start Them!

Craig GalbraithChannel Partners Online NewsEvery time I hear “stop the presses,” I harken back to the image of the chain-smoking newspaper editor or publisher of the black-and-white era sprinting down from his upstairs office because the war just ended. Heck, that still happens today to some extent when news breaks late – except maybe without the cigarette dangling from his or her mouth.

In our effort to increase the breadth of our already extensive coverage of the telecom and IT channels, Channel Partners has launched a new feature on our website: press releases. These are mostly unedited news bites that come directly from a business without the Channel Partners take – so be warned, just about every company whose release appears is likely to be “the leading provider” or supplier of “best-of-breed solutions.” I’ve never seen anyone describe themselves as “merely adequate” or “fair to middling.”

These items will appear in our “News” stream on the Channel Partners home page, but you can differentiate them from our interviews and analysis by the “PR” icon next to them. If it’s a news story written by one of our team of editors, it’ll be in this section without the PR designation.

As IT and telecom continue to converge thanks to cloud and other technologies, there’s so much going on in the channel – from new products to partner-program changes to personnel announcements and more. We don’t want you to miss anything that could impact your business.

Does this mean we’ll be producing less news analysis, fewer reports, digital issues, slide shows, image galleries, videos, whitepapers and opinions? No way. The addition of these press releases will allow us to increase the amount of content we offer you, our loyal reader, by as much as one-third, without impacting our existing industry coverage.

So next time you hear someone say “stop the presses!” we hope you’ll think of Channel Partners. Our “pressers” add a little something to our site that will help quench your thirst for channel knowledge.

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