Safety Not Always in Numbers

By Michael Fair, MarketRace

Part 3 of my continuing series on the top 10 mistakes that channel programs make: Never evaluate a programs success based on how many channel partners you have signed up into the program.

This is a very common mistake. I constantly see new programs emerge and the measure of success, and often compensation to recruiting channel managers is, based on number of partner signed into the program. Once a contract is signed, the hard work just starts. Enabling and onboarding the partner are often overlooked activities and rarely the basis for initial channel manager compensation.

It is also extremely important to recruit the right channel partners upfront not sign up anyone with a pulse who is willing to sign a document. It is OK to say no to a partner that wants to be a member but may not fit a pre-set profile. Be diligent and manage your program with rigor. Partners that do not fit that profile end up taking up valuable resources instead of submitting orders for your service. Spend time identifying, recruiting and supporting fewer, but better, producing partners and you will be more profitable in the long run.

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